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Ultravioletto | Immersioni

Immersioni - Interactive Immersive Projection Room 

Venice Film Festival 2016

“Immersioni” is an interactive installation presented at the Italian Pavilion for the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. An interactive experience that offers the visitors an original visual experience in which water becomes an aesthetic element, throughout Italian cinema and our past memories. A virtual gallery in which visitors can interact, moving the images projected on the walls in harmony with a digital water landscape. An immersive experience that invites the visitor to mix years, genres, faces and stories in a continuum that runs in front of their eyes, evoking emotions and memories, involving them on a sensory experience.

TouchDesigner was the main controller of all the installation. The interaction with the cylinder that modifies the projections was made with a homemade rotary encoder, controlled by an Arduino and sent to TouchDesigner. The whole system was designed to combine two video sources mixed together via Spout.

In TouchDesigner we programmed the engine to translate the signals coming from the encoder to move the virtual room in our setup. The water physics engine was made with the very solid physics library “liquid fun” from Google. The final look and feel was very smooth and catchy. The liquid physics simulation combined with the pictures create together a very Oniric environment with the need to stir real water. The final touches to fit the projections into the space was very easy using TouchDesigner's Stoner to do the mapping.

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