Touching Typography - Case 3: Stair Cube For Beginners & Intermediate

In this tutorial series we are exploring certain ways of animating text using Touchdesigner. Where our multiple tutorial series 'Kinetic Typography' focuses on building an actual text tool for iterating typographic animations quickly, this series is more focused on examples from the field. Unfortunately, a lot of these typographic animations are pre baked. We're rebuilding the animation in Touchdesigner and will add a real-time element to it.

This rotating-cube-shape-staircase animation is highly inspired by the work of DIA Studio, one of the biggest names regarding branding with kinetictypography.

We'll be using a combination of Blender and Touchdesigner. Blender is more suitable for creative UV unwrapping which is the key element regarding the animation. We'll be using the animationCOMP again, FBX import, render Camera and layoutTOP to form a not to complex patch in Touchdesigner.


Experience level