TouchDesigner Beginner Crash Course

Introducing The TouchDesigner Beginner Crash Course!

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The course is taught by Elburz Sorkhabi, a 10 year TouchDesigner pro who has worked with the likes of Google, Nike, and Kanye West. 

Upon completing, you’ll have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of how TouchDesigner works - and how to start using it like the pros do. 

You'll have a portfolio of work showcasing your grasp of today's most in-demand TouchDesigner skills!

Course Contents:

  • The fundamentals of the TouchDesigner paradigm: Never used a node-based programming environment before? I walk you through the basics of TouchDesigner logic and workflows, explaining exactly what nodes and wires are and how they work. This includes a walkthrough of the basic settings and preferences you can leverage in TouchDesigner that set you up for success and make your life easier.

  • Discover all six of the operator families used by TouchDesigner, and how they integrate with the TouchDesigner workflow. I’ll walk you through an example project for each of them. Operator families include…

    • Signal processing and channel data (CHOPs)

    • Compositing and texture manipulation (TOPs)

    • Procedural 3d and rendering (SOPs)

    • Data processing (DATs)

    • Materials and shading (MATs)

    • User interface and controls (COMPs)

  • Real time generative graphics basics: From generating graphics using dynamic noise data in real-time to audio-responsive 3D geometry, we’ll go through multiple examples of how to start creating beautiful generative content in TouchDesigner. Interactive, immersive, generative media is the reason you’re investing in learning TouchDesigner, and my course helps you get started creating it right away.

  • Simple, day-1 preset system: Most TouchDesigner preset systems are too complicated for beginners. With my day-1 preset system, anyone can start creating presets without any prior TouchDesigner experience, which is a massive advantage most people don’t have when they’re starting out.

  • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts and application tricks: This should be intuitive, but it’s not. Having these under your belt from the get-go is huge time-saver.

After getting the basics down, we dive into 7 key artistic techniques every developer needs to know:

  • Create background content in TouchDesigner quickly and easily
  • Trails & Frame Delays

  • Reactive GPU Particles

  • Generative Geometric Design

  • Audio Reactive Analog Content

  • Generative Visuals with Particles & Kinect

  • Texture Slicing