The Top 4 TouchDesigner Operators You Aren't Using (but should be)

TouchDesigner has a lot of operators. While many are well known, there is a subset of operators that seem to only be used by a select few veterans and high-end pros. What's more, it's these lesser-known operators that form the basis of heavily optimized projects, complex features, and bug-resilient architectures.

Elburz sits down with TouchDesigner artist Synthestruct to discuss their favourite operators that most developers don't use to their fullest extent. This include short deep dives that explain and reveal tricks for the Fan CHOP, GLSL TOP, FIFO DAT, and Lookup CHOP. While they might seem insignificant, these operators hold a ton of power that almost any project can take advantage of, whether you're building show control systems, generative content projects, social media scrapers, or animating scenes.