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This time, we will explore a complementary tool to TD, known as omniverseCODE, a software from the Omniverse platform. This platform is powered by Kit, an extensive codebase with which developers build interactive applications.

While it remains somewhat code-intensive, offering a stable product in terms of interactive installation is crucial, and I believe it's worth attempting.

Please note that AMD and MAC are not supported, and an RTX-powered GPU is required.


The rendering engine is exceptionally powerful, providing stable real-time results with omniverseCODE.


In my quest for effective communication, I settled on OSC. You can download an extension to have all the dependencies installed and ready to use in your OmniverseCODE environment.

Yes your read correctly 'extension' and 'dependecies' ... sound familiar right ?? :-)


I recorded a little video to show to demonstare how fast is it to implement an autobinding :


I've also posted in-depth content on my Patreon, which you're more than welcome to follow:


Alpha, binding, and code:


The demo file i used in the the tutorial, and deep explainatio on how to setup omniverseCODE:



Additionally, I'm thrilled with the results.

Could omniverseCODE be a viable competitor to Unreal?

To illustrate, achieving autobinding takes just 20 lines of Python code, while in Unreal, it can be quite complex to have a scene running with OSC (autobinding?).

However, this is just a personal opinion, and I must admit that Unreal may be the preferred choice in a working environment.

I'm still exploring how to implement Spout in this pipeline. Imagine a compute shader in TD generating more vertices in an RTX render... If anyone wants to contribute, you'll find my contact information on my info page here or on YouTube.

I hope you'll join and enjoy my research on this.

Best regards,



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