TDinstanceUE - Streaming TouchDesigner instancing data into Unreal Engine For Beginners & Intermediate


Ever wanted to have the instant beauty of Unreal Engine with the real-time power of TouchDesigner when creating particle systems and instanced geometry?

This toolchain will let you do just that using Spout texture streaming and UE Niagara particles!


First video is a quick breakdown in case someone just wants to grab the project files. Full step-by-step workshop as part of a Masterclass on Off World Live's Discord channel:


Grab the project files and components on my Patreon

Or purchase on Gumroad

Included is a sample TD and UE4.27 project file to get you going, and a TD .tox component to reuse in other projects.

Prerequisite is installing Off World Live Unreal Engine Live-streaming Toolkit:

Thanks to Off World Live for inviting me to hold the workshop, and for creating these cool tools and community!



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