TD as Game Engine, Part 3: First Person For Intermediate

A series of tutorials diving into a very large project (over 6000 operators), in which TouchDesigner is used to create a first-person game-like experience for installation and performance contexts. Part 3 investigates the "FPC_LOCATION_CONTROL" container, which handles how our joystick input gets translated into camera movement in the world coordinate system.

00:00 Intro

00:29 Map Joystick to World

02:12 Parsing Translate and Rotate data

02:58 Math CHOP and Speed CHOP

03:38 ty

04:40 Sensitivity settings

07:00 Camera wiggle w Noise CHOP

08:10 rx, invert y-axis

10:26 ry

10:58 tx and tz, trigonometric functions

11:50 Diagram of trigonometric functions

14:40 Call your teacher

15:30 Strafing and rolling

16:50 Jump to locations

19:08 Chop Execute DAT resets Speed CHOPs

21:15 Audio FX from movement


See more about the project "An Infinite Density Over Zero"

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