TD as Game Engine, Part 1: Structure For Intermediate

A series of tutorials diving into a very large project (over 6000 operators), in which TouchDesigner is used to create a first-person game-like experience for installation and performance contexts.  Part 1 gives an overview of the project and the various topics that I hope to cover in the series, including:

- First Person Camera (FPC) input and location control

- Zone Tracking and location-based triggering

- Audio mixing

- Handling depth with Render and Renderpass

- Autostart and time for long-term installation

- Map view

- Demo mode and sleep mode

- Using 3D scan assets


00:00 Intro

02:00 Controller mechanics

04:25 Audio

05:33 Zone Tracking

06:25 FPC Input

07:22 FPC Location Control

09:10 State Manager

10:32 Time

12:00 3D scans, Texture maps

12:35 Sleep mode

13:03 Render Pass

14:45 Return to path

16:00 Play demo


See more about the project here: "An Infinite Density Over Zero"
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