Talking Ball Starboy in TouchDesigner (터치디자이너 튜토리얼 자막) For Beginners & Intermediate


Here is Noto's friend Starboy the talking ball! •


Pre setup Project file download link


Find mouse BY patch by nettoyeur / harveymoon


00:00 Intro

00:34 Pre setup project file

01:16 Let's start to make face

03:58 Audio reactive mouth

07:24 Make him smile

08:37 Blink him eyes

10:10 Eyebrow control by Keyboard In

12:50 Mouth control by Keyboard In

14:05 Make body

18:32 Following mouse

21:20 Floating movement

22:14 Outro


You can download a project file in below link now.

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* Touchdesigner version 2021.13610

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