Streaming to Instagram Live For Beginners & Intermediate

Streaming to Instagram Live with OBS and Yellow Duck

In this tutorial we will set up a simple live stream from Touch Designer to Instagram using Open Broadcast Software and Yellow Duck. OBS will take in a Spout stream from Touch and broadcast via RTMP stream and key provided by Yellow Duck. I have attached a toe file you can use as a starting place to follow along with the rest of the set up. Have fun and let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues setting things up!


Touch Designer Setup

Create a Ramp TOP with a simple animation on the Phase and a 720 X 1280 resolution.

Connect to a Spout Out TOP


Open Broadcast SOftware Set up 


Download and Install OBS


Output Settings

You can play with the settings here depending on your Internet and computer speeds, but I think 3000 Kbps with ultrafast encoding has the least lag and skips when streaming to Instagram.

Video Settings 

Change the resolution here to 720x1280. You can try different Downscale Filter settings but Area worked well for me. 

Set input to Spout

Click the "+" in the Sources section and add a Spout input. Select TSSyphonSpoutOut and click OK

Install Yellow Duck 

Go to and install Yellow Duck

Log Into Yellow Duck with IG credentials 

Enter the username and password from the Instagram account you want to stream to. 

Copy the Stream Key 

Once you log in, Yellow Duck will give you an RTMP Address and  Stream Key. Next you will copy and paste the RTMP and Stream Key to OBS in the following step.

** You will need a new Stream Key from Yellow Duck each time you stream.  **

Paste Stream Key into OBS Stream Settings.

Open Settings in OBS and paste the RTMP address and Stream Keys into the Stream Settings. 

Click "Use Authentication" and input user name and password.

Click Apply" and "OK"

Click Start Streaming 

You should now be ready to go. Click "Start Stream" and your media start up on your Instagram Live. 


You are now streaming. I use an alternate account to monitor the stream because you can't view your livestream from your own account. If you checked the "Save video to Story", Instagram will save your stream and you can review it for comments and likes. 

Save and Finish 

When you are done. Click "Stop Streaming" in OBS and "Save and Finish" in Yellow Duck.


Asset Downloads

IG_Stream.toe (3.66 KB)
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