Refik Anadol Particles in TouchDesigner, Part Two - Tutorial

Refik Anadol is one of the most well known new media artists working today. His artworks often take the shape of immersive installations, which use machine learning to visualize data to give new perspective to the current technological era. In this two part series, Jack DiLaura will walk you through laying the foundation for a particle system-based generative artwork inspired by Refik Anadol’s recent artworks that contain beautifully rendered particle systems and physics simulations. With beginner TouchDesigner users in mind, the network you’ll build utilizes only operators built-in to TouchDesigner and requires no coding. In part two, you’ll continue working on the instancing setup you started on in part one, by learning about some parameters you can extract from the particles generated by the particle SOP and how they can be used to generate effects for the instanced geometry. You’ll also take a look at some useful post effects for fine tuning your final render, including using the depth TOP to add a depth of field effect.