Part 1 Intro & Overview of WebSockets. Control TouchDesigner with a Website & Vice Versa Using WebSockets For Beginners

Hey! In this beginner series, we'll go over how to use WebSockets to control TouchDesigner with a website in real-time and vice versa. We'll cover step by step how to implement everything from scratch. We'll also cover some programming concepts assuming little to no experience with programming.

In this tutorial, we'll go over high-level how WebSockets work and how we'll use them to communicate between our website and TouchDesigner. The final component that we'll create in TouchDesigner is available for download on my Patreon:

Link to the tutorial on doing real-time body tracking in TouchDesigner 2022 without needing a Kinect:

The website shown in the video is open-sourced and available for free here:!/websocket-td-example If you make a login you can 'remix' the website and have your own version available for use.

Experience level