Overstim Sim Experience For Beginners & Intermediate

Senior Project. Made in Touchdesigner with Google's Mediapipe Module

Sensory overload is universal but it can be debilitating for those who are neurodivergent. The Overstim Sim guides the user through an abstract representation of what it is like to experience a sensory overload resulting from a variety of triggers. The goal of the project is to utilize advanced interactive technologies in the creation of a mixed-media mixed reality experience that illuminates overstimulation and how it can be potentially avoided by identifying your triggers as well as being more conscientious and understanding of what may be triggers for others.I, along with my teammates Paul Soetaert, Tsunami Fischman, and Elias Cate, are working on creating Overstim Sim primarily in Derivative's Touchdesigner. It is set to be integrated into and utilize the technology of the new (as of Spring 2023) mixed media lab at Cal Poly's Frost Center. We hope to have the experience ready and functional by January 2024.


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