Oak-D + TouchDesigner Part 2: Sending Depth and RGB Frames via NDI For Intermediate

How to combine example code from the ndi-python library and DepthAI examples to send depth and RGB video streams from the Oak-D camera to TouchDesigner.

This series will explore how to use various AI models running on the Oak-D hardware, then send video frames and data to TouchDesigner for further processing in a creative audiovisual workflow.

The document used in the video with steps written out can be found here:

And the "" file can be found here:

00:00 Demo of end result: "Depthcam Theremin A\V"

00:58 NDI overview, install, test example

08:35 Combine code - Depth, RGB, NDI

15:10 Quicker method to run file in PyCharm

16:55 Channel data going from TD to VCV Rack via OscOut CHOP

Experience level