Noise Displacement For Beginners & Intermediate

This beginner level TouchDesigner tutorial covers using the Noise TOP to generate vertex displacement effects within the Phong MAT. It also touches on how to create a render network from scratch, recoloring with the Lookup TOP, and adding post-render shading with the SSAO TOP. I discuss these topics in more depth in the article here.

TouchDesigner Build: 2019.14650 or later.


Topic Timestamps:

00:12 Intro

01:31 Setting up the render network

06:12 Normal, color and height maps with noise

13:12 Coloring with the Lookup TOP

15:09 Adding motion to noise

16:33 Exploring noise parameters

17:50 Noise coordinate map input

22:55 Adding detail with the normal map

25:30 Changing camera angles

26:50 Changing geometry input

28:50 Screen Space Ambient Occlusion TOP


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