Looping Noise Part 2: Infinite Tunnel Zoom For Beginners & Intermediate

This beginner level TouchDesigner tutorial uses 1D looping noise for the purpose of creating infinite tunnel zooms that start and stop in the same spot (okay, technically not infinite, but it does feel like it goes on forever!) We will also look at a technique for getting smooth camera motion and more generally explore methods for manipulating instanced geometry. For info on how to export your final video as a looping GIF or video see the previous tutorial in this series.

TouchDesigner Build: 2019.14650 or later.


Topic Timestamps:

00:10 - Intro

02:04 - 1D looping noise

06:32 - Building the render network

08:08 - Initial instance setup

09:11 - Orienting geometry to a path

13:17 - Geometry viewer setup

14:05 - Camera motion (and geometry density)

20:16 - Smooth camera motion

27:55 - Line MAT

29:27 - Scale and color

34:00 - Taking it further


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