Kinetic Typography in Touchdesigner - PART 4: Non-Kepler & Mac OSX workaround For Beginners & Intermediate

In this fourth part of this multiple part tutorial series we are finally showing our Non-Kepler gpu users and Apple Mac OSX friends, who regularly bump into an error which tells that 'texture instancing is not supported', a workaround to step into this tutorial series as well!

It's not very difficult to set it up and the effect is the same. This approach also has a lot of potential for further tutorials (....PHYSICS!), so we'll definitely get back to this!

For users who already know they can't use texture instancing, we would advice to start with part 1 first and then part 4 before going further to part 2 and 3.

(Find Part Iof this series here Kinetic Typography in TouchDesigner - Part 1: The Fundament For Beginners & Intermediate)



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