John Whitney-style Oscillating Animation in TouchDesigner

John Whitney is one of the pioneers of computer animation, well known for his work both in the commercial and artistic fields. In the 1950s and 60s, he developed many innovative visual effects with his home-built computer, which he crafted from a modified antiaircraft director from World War II. After finding success using his computer for commercial work, Whitney started exploring the use of digital computers to make art, starting with an artist residency at IBM in the mid 60s. His animation works from this period are some of his most well known. In this video, Jack DiLaura walks you through creating an art piece inspired by John Whitney’s Matrix series of films, strategically using the cache TOP to achieve similar layering effects to those found in Whitney’s films. You’ll also work on adding post effects to add to the vintage aesthetic, as well as building a user controlled freeze frame effect.