John Maeda-style Generative Poster Design in TouchDesigner

John Maeda is a well known designer, artist, and computer scientist who has continually pushed the boundaries of not only disciplinary divisions between art and design, but also the use of the computer as an artistic medium. His series of posters for the Morisawa Inc., a type foundry based in Japan, pushed the boundaries of graphic design by utilizing custom software code to make highly stylized images with the company’s logo. With this series, Maeda developed a style that embraced the digital nature of the images, often coming up with compositions that might not have been possible without the use of the computer. In this video, Jack DiLaura will walk you through making a generative poster design in TouchDesigner inspired by Maeda’s work for Morisawa. Using instancing of 3D geometry and CHOP-based data manipulation, you’ll learn how to take the visual aesthetic of the Maeda posters and translate it into TouchDesigner techniques.