Control Black Magic Camera with TouchDesigner For Beginners & Intermediate

This project aims to enable users to interact with a Black Magic camera using TouchDesigner. Whether it's for professional purposes or more experimental endeavors, such as controlling the camera's iris or focus using voice commands or motion gestures, this project has you covered. The TouchDesigner project provides a user-friendly interface, with all the settings conveniently located in the main window. However, you can also access the 'CAMERA_CONTROL' container to fine-tune the inputs that trigger camera reactions or retrieve information from the camera.

Required Hardware:

  • ESP32 M5Stack: Get it here
  • Black Magic Camera
  • Mac or Windows
  • (If you want to capture the camera video signal in TouchDesigner, you'll need the adapter from Black Magic: Adapter Link)


  • Visual Studio Code: Download here (free)
  • TouchDesigner: Download here (free)
  • For Mac users, download the driver available in the "01_Driver_Usb_Mac" folder.


Insrtallation: Follow the Github project




Credits to marklysze for his significant assistance and excellent work on ESP32 connection and TouchDesigner adaptation!

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