ChucKDesigner - Music Programming For Intermediate

TouchDesigner => ChucK => TouchDesigner;

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ChucKDesigner is an integration of the ChucK music/audio programming language with TouchDesigner. With ChucKDesigner custom operators, TouchDesigner can

  • Run ChucK code at any sample rate, with any number of input and output channels.
  • Receive and post-process ChucK's output such as audio or MIDI information.
  • Set ChucK global variables with TouchDesigner UI, CHOP streams, and Python scripting.
  • Use Python callbacks to respond to changes in ChucK global variables.

ChucKDesigner consists of two custom operators, the ChucK Audio CHOP and the ChucK Listener CHOP. The ChucK Audio CHOP "runs" the ChucK code. TouchDesigner can also tell it how to update global variables. The ChucK Listener CHOP "listens" to a ChucK Audio CHOP. It can continuously stream out global floats and integers as ordinary CHOP data. Using a Python-based callback DAT, it can also access many more global variable types such as arrays, strings, and events.


Intro video:


Drum Sequencer example:



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