Cellular Automata Tutorial Series For Advanced

I was deeply saddened to know that John Conway passed away on 11 of April 2020, due to COVID-19. Just one week prior I was playing with the "Game of Life" algorithm, so this news felt very close. As a small tribute to him, I decided to make a short series of tutorials on Cellular Automata in general and the "Game of Life", so you all can play with his wonderful idea.  The final project of the first part of the series is the image you see here below. I hope you enjoy it!

The video series cover:

  1. A simplified version of a 1D Cellular Automata
  2. A complete version of a 1D Ceullar Automata
  3. The Game of Life (2D Cellular Automata)
  4. The Game of Life represented in a 3D scene
  5. 3D Cellular Automata (coming soon)


Experience level