Audioreactive Graffiti – TouchDesigner x StreamDiffusion Tutorial 1 For Intermediate

In this tutorial, we're looking at how to create graffiti based on abstract generative shapes and colors in TouchDesigner, using  @dotsimulate 's latest .tox for StreamDiffusion. It's all still very new and unexplored, so this is just one of my first approaches and I'm happy to hear any feedback :)

Really looking forward to many more examples! This also works without StreamDiffusion, you can simply watch the part before!

StreamDiffusion .tox by dotsimulate:
Setup Tutorial:
Snare Detection:

Video File:
Previous video:
Music video made with StreamDiffusion:


The prompt used for this example: graffiti, text, graffiti art, wall, grunge

You can use any prompt you like. Not entirely sure but order seems to matter, first "weigh" more. I usually don't use sentences, but simply add words that fit with commas.

Pro Tips TD now includes Nvidia Upscaler, I can highly recommend using that at the ned of the network!

Specs: TouchDesigner 2023.11340, Windows 11, RTX 3070 Laptop, Intel i7 11 Gen, 32GB Ram

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