41 Python in Touchdesigner : "0 to Her0" _pt.4 :: TDF snap presetp preset For Beginners

### Hi Everyone!

Are you ready for another round? Let's dive in!

Here's the link to the video: [Watch now!](

In this session, we'll wrap up our previous example and put into practice what we've learned.

*Key Takeaways:*

1. *Data Handling*:

   - What seems like a massive amount of data to us is processed by a computer in the blink of an eye!

2. *TouchDesigner Helper Methods*:

   - TouchDesigner provides several helper methods through the TDFunctions Python modules, courtesy of Derivative.

   - You can find these helper methods in your TouchDesigner project directory:




   - Remember, TouchDesigner is largely built with TouchDesigner itself!

*Key Functions to Explore*:

- `TDF.getParInfo()`

- `TDF.ApplyParInfo()`

- `op().getChildren()`

With this simple yet powerful combo, you can save and recall parameters for every operator within a given directory.

As always, happy programming!




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