37 Unwrapping with Images Buffers_Unwrapper2.0 update For Intermediate


Happy new year to all of you!!

This post is to replay to some mails i had about my unwrapper. Some of my patreon were reporting that the COMP was not working in the new 2023. series.

The answer is a big update for the renderTOP structure.

In here we will update the method using the new feature of the RenderTOP.

This pipeline for now is a bit borderline since we are causing and EXPECTED error in the GLSLMat.

You can read more here : 

Write a GLSL Material - Derivative

Here an indepth lession i recorded, where we build the unwrapper and we dive a bit in the project file i share in my patreon page:

Video :

Patreon FREE shared file :

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