TURNERESQUE  started as a personal research project and gradually turned into a series of computer generated paintings and potentially an A/V experience. Having a background in oil and acrylic painting and working as a new media artist for over 10 years, I have always tried to collide the two worlds as much as possible and my never ending fascination and admiration for art history always takes over in my work and this one is no exception. William Turner,  being one of my all time favorites, always inspires me in terms of using colors, choice of composition and light to create powerfull and dreamy atmospheres. He also used a coloring technique called Impasto, basically painting with thick layers of color allowing some parts of the painting to raise and catch light and often leaving traces of brush or knife on the canvas which is what I went after in this project. For the past couple of months I have been trying to create a shader that mimics his way of coloring. I know I have a long way to truly achieve that turneresque atmosphere but this is where I am so far. 

Here's a sneak peak on how it developes itself...