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This is a nice story about a collaboration I've done in 2018 with Studio Urquiola and FLOS.



The room was part of a bigger exhibition named "A Castiglioni" hosted by Triennale Design Museum in Milan, between October 2018 and February 2019 dedicated to Achille Castiglioni, a great light designer and an incredible man, here you can find a nice biography about Castiglioni brothers:

The exhibition was created for celebrating 100 years from his birth (Achille Castiglioni born in 1918) and the installation was a sort of representation of the 100 candles on the cake :)



At the link below you may find the official page of the interactive installation from the FLOS website where you can find my drawings for the different DMX effects:

If you are curious about the entire exhibition there is a nice article by DesignBoom with pictures and a video showing also other interactive installations developed by SONY



There were 7 proximity sensors IR (those one from Sharp) controlled by an Arduino, at the end was a pretty stable input system.

The sensors were place around the room and were triggering some specific series of sound effects together with their associated sound reactive light.

All the system was designed in order to keep multiple users engaged in the storytelling while walking randomly around the room.

The lamps "Parentesi" were original from FLOS and in order to dimmer them I had to use those JB System  DSP-4 mk2 devices, which are working very well controlled by the Enttec USB to DMX 

Emilio Pozzolini my friend and great sound designer, did an icredible work of sound research and helped me in the development.

I might have more things to say, but I don't want to bother you for too long.

Ask me anything if you want to know more details!

Uploading some backstage pictures...


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