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The TouchEngine for UE plugin is now compatible with UE5.4.1

Hello everyone,

We are back today with a new release of our TouchEngine for UE plugin.

You can head over to GitHub and grab the latest release of the plugin and give it a try with our samples project. Don’t forget to update your TouchDesigner build to the latest available, 2023.11760.

Disclaimer: Users should carefully go over the release notes and documentation.

There are also a few known issues listed on the plugin release notes.

What's new?

This is both a major and minor update.

We fixed a few compatibility issues introduced by UE5.4.1.

The plugin is now working properly and was updated to compile with UE5.4.1, run in editor or in packaged projects.

That's it.

You can expect the same features as our latest UE5.3.1 release.

That's a wrap

We hope that you enjoy this new version. Please feel free to share your work with us in the comments below.

If you have any questions, requests, or if you found a bug this is a good place as well. Thanks!