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TouchDown at Super Bowl XLVIII with Eye Vapor and V Squared Labs

TouchDesigner made a significant showing at Super Bowl XLVIII last week, instrumental in the making of at least four different events that we know of. There are a couple we're not free to promote yet but in the interim here is some fine work from Eye Vapor and V Squared Labs. Enjoy, stay tuned for updates!

Eye Vapor's Pepsico's Pepcity

Jeff Smith and Russ Haines of Eye Vapor report: This year's Super Bowl gig put Eye Vapor in New York City's Bryant Park helping create Pepsico's Pepcity, an enclosed (heated) space of 10,000 square feet featuring our 80 foot dome and two stages. Broadway shows such as Mama Mia!, Rocky, Rock Of Ages, and Newsies performed under the dome. We also hosted Austin Mahone, Prince Royal, Blake Shelton, and Ziggy Marley.

Eye Vapor's real time projection mapping using TouchDesigner ran flawlessly throughout the event, feeding five 40,000 lumen projectors. On the Eye Vapor team is Matt Wachter, who is instrumental in creating the cue system. Eye Vapor also thanks VT Production Design and Vortex Immersion Media.

Eye Vapor has created a comprehensive set of proprietary dome mapping tools, including perspective correct geometric dome warping, real time fish eye rendering, full dome movie playback and show control. We have created dome experiences for the last 3 Super Bowls, Nokia at SXSW and a permanent installation for the Downtown Project in Las Vegas.

Image above: UI for Eye Vapor's Cue Player includes traditional cuelist functionality with realtime procedural overlay effects (e.g. snow), as well as fulldome video playback, live video, and mixing via a fader board. The operator sees a small version of the high resolution fisheye hemisphere that gets split and sent to each projector.

V Squared Labs at ESPN's SuperBowl Party

V Squared Labs (VSL) did not disappoint in shining a significant volume of light on ESPN's star-studded 10th annual Super Bowl party blowout at Pier 36. Designed with a "New York City Lights" theme the 60,000-square-foot set which included 20 model skyscrapers and took 12 days to build. VSL was in charge of a live visual show that saw more than 300 moving lights suspended from15,000 linear feet of trussing.

Visuals of course were run on VSL's colossal Epic system allowing Vello to take advantage of some of VSL's preset tools to be able to save looks he and the clients liked to quickly bring them up at the right times. You can read more about the Epic system on our Performance Interface Feature.

Production Design: Tony Schubert, Event Eleven

Music: Kendrick Lamar and Robin Thicke

Lighting: Felix Lighting