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How big is 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2)? A weighty question that can now be more readily addressed thanks to the ?CO2 CUBES - Visualize a Tonne of Change? project unveiled on the opening day of the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen with a special presentation by San Francisco-based Obscura Digital and powered by TouchDesigner.

The CO2 Cube is a giant multimedia arts installation that aims to assist in visualizing what one metric tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) stored at standard atmospheric pressure looks like which is the size of a three-story building, or, 8.2m x 8.2m x 8.2m (27ft x 27ft x 27ft). This staggering quantity is the amount of CO2 the average person in industrialized countries emit on a monthly basis, and in Canada and the US, every two weeks!

The project is intended to "bring together the ?open minds? of artists, architects and scientists through the universal language of art." said Mia Hanak, Executive Director of Millennium ART, creators of platforms for public engagement on themes tied to the Millennium Development Goals.

The cube will be used for projections showing CO2 emissions’ impact providing a real time stream of events that will be transmitted via YouTube for the duration of the conference. The YouTube “Raise Your Voice” channel simultaneously provides a forum for people to send in their thoughts and questions through videos that will also be projected on the cube in Copenhagen.

More on the project here.

Click below for Cube videos

Obscura Digital CO2 Cube Launch

Copenhagen COP-15 Conference - The Cube

YouTube Videos Projected on CO2 Cube

CO2 Cubes in Hopenhagen

CO2 Cube Highlights