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TouchDesigner Online Events While Flattening the Curve = Win/Win

Greetings all and first a HUGE thanks from the Derivative team for all the amazing assets, tutorials and countless incentives to learn more TD you have been seeding into the community. You are TOP Bananas! 
Thought it would be useful to keep a consolidated running list of all the scheduled community-led online workshops, meetups and live streams and also to ask if you're planning something to please let us know by posting your event in COMMUNITY or sharing an FB link or easier just comment here and we will add it to this post! It will keep us all on the same page on what's streaming next, and also be a nice record of adaptation and creativity to look back upon.




medialab.opus111 invite's you to their virtual exhibition.

30 artists prepared their work in the genre of generative graphics, created by a procedural approach with TouchDesigner.

For a better dive, expand the viewport to full screen using the navigation icons on the right side of the screen.


Visit Exhibition


upcoming events________



archived events________


October 17

Tokyo Developers Study WeekendTouchDesigner Vol.034 | Interactive Autumn Tree with L-system

Akiko Yamashita, a projection and lighting artist and technical director at VTProDesign will lead another TouchDesigner L-system workshop! This workshop will cover creating an interactive Japanese maple tree scene using L-systems.Techniques include instancing, mouse input to change the color of the leaves, using multiple textures and randomizing, adding point attribute with metaball and Magnet SOP, wind like animation, Particle SOP for the falling leaves and land on the water surface, PBR Material workflow, water reflection, importing Megascans 3D rock model, preparing leaf textures.

17th October 2020 17:00-20:00 PDT | 18th 9:00-12:00 JST



October 11

Tokyo Developers Study WeekendUnreal Engine Vol.002 Virtual Production for live events

TDSW's next workshop features  

Kazoe Nobuaki / VJ REZ who has been exploring next-gen live/virtual performance with TouchDesigner and  Unreal Engine.11th October 2020 15:00-18:00 JST



October 10


This workshop will look at various software setups that allow to broadcast from TouchDesigner to streaming services (Youtube, Twitch, etc.).

Participants will create a patch for controlling the broadcast (mixing video/audio inputs), similar to how it is implemented in OBS or XSplit.

The workshop will be conducted by Igor Ozhiganov, new media artist, video engineer from Saint Petersburg.

Admission is free upon registration:

Saint Petersburg, Russia



October 09

Linaire Virtual Album Launch Audio/Visual Livestream

This Friday at 8pm Elysha Poirier will be doing an A/V livestream with Anna Atkinson for the release of her album launch. Tune if for 45mins of gorgeous animation made in TouchDesigner, all set to the electronic beats, ethereal synths and lucid lyrics from Anna's upcoming album release - LINAIRE.

Grab yer headphones, hit full screen and high five in the interwebs ether!

Friday October 9th, 20208pm EST (5pm PST)

Streaming LIVE on Youtube

Facebook Page


October 04


TDSW welcomes Yuki Ishida, a visual artist from Backspace Productions Inc!

■ Date: 4th October 2020 15:00-18:00 JST

・It is recommended you to join the webinar room at least 5 minutes prior to the workshop.

The room will be open 30 minutes prior to the event.

■ Language: 日本語 / Japanese

■ Level  Intermediate・Basic operation skills for TouchDesinger and Houdini.・Nice to have: Being familiar with instancing in TouchDesigner.



September 28

Moscow TouchDesigner Meetup #5

On September 28, at 19:00, TouchDesigner Meetup # 5 will take place in the Black box auditorium at Technograd VDNKh.Lecture topics:Denis Novikov. "Batch Data Transfer to Arduino".Alexander Dzhezus. "Touch + Notch".Stanislav Glazov. "Interactive head up displays"

Location:Black box auditorium in Technograd VDNKh, Prospekt Mira, 119, 319, 1st floor./Please note that a mask is required to enter the territory. Limited number of seats. Let us know if you cannot drive up.Let there be Light!

For those unable to attend in person there will be an HD stream! Stay tuned for link.


September 22 - 24


Licht.Pfad announces an intensive class for the artists who want to deeply understand the Geometrical pipeline of TouchDesigner and build the Custom Toolset using the Script SOP.

We do a very short theoretical part and bunch of practical topics.

All participants will get the full understanding how the SOPs are working from inside and will own a library of tools for modeling operations as well as good understanding of the Python scripting.

More Info  and Eventbrite


September 12

mutek Montréal Édition 21 Nocturne 2

12.09 | 21:00 EDTLive A/V: 22:50 EDTAlicia Hush & Elysha PoirierWishing Well

You can check out the virtual show here:

Elysha will be doing A/V dance adventure in the DOME with Alicia Hush at the Satosphère's immersive 360° space this Saturday!

A storied veteran of Montréal minimal house, Alicia Hush has unleashed a diverse array of expressively energetic bass-driven grooves on the city's underground clubs over the past six years, with productions that resonate with subtle absurdity and crunchy, deep-fried groove.

Creating a home-base for her whimsical, wobbling frequencies on her Hushlamb label alongside Sarah Lamb, Hush has staked out a reputation in both Toronto and Montréal's independent electronic communities, both independently and in her ongoing collaborative projects: Yes Ma’am, a kinetic live project with Ana+one that graced the MUTEK stage in 2013, and La Moosh, an effortlessly smooth DJ duo with collaborator Zeina.

Meanwhile, Elysha Poirier‘s visual body of work combines analogue and low-fi techniques with live performances and installations, jumping between animation and video, and investigating the world's naturally occurring patterns, and how they can become images. Poirier's visually rich, evocative graphics merge the world of the imaginary and real, dissolving the bounderies between the two.

MUTEK 2020 finds both performers playing to their strengths for Wishing Well, an A/V performance inspired by the aural wonders of the ocean depths. Hush structures a lush underwater soundscape using micro sampling, random sequencing and swelling sub bass, while Elysha’s visuals echo these submerged melodies with blends and folds of sublime refracted light. Together they synthesize their techniques to create a fully immersive journey through groove, sampling, obscurity, and whimsy.

Alicia Hush: Soundcloud

Elysha Poirier: Website

You can check out the virtual show here:


september 11


Friday, September 11th at 12pm ET, Aristotle Roufanis - winner of the Notch Prize from The Interactive & Immersive Championship joins Elburz Sorkhabi LIVE to dive into the deep end of TouchDesigner. They'll be talking about building virtual performance spaces, designing kinetic lighting sculptures, as well as Aristotle's toolkits involving Unreal, Notch, TouchDesigner, They'll also be working live in Notch and TouchDesigner building kinetic lighting previz systems! 

Watch the conversation and ask questions in chat - live on YouTube tommorrow at noon: 


september 9

HUGE congratulations to Patrik Lechner who will be talking about his peer-reviewed paper "ROOM IMPULSE RESPONSE ESTIMATION USING SIGNED DISTANCE FUNCTIONS" tomorrow at 9:50, Vienna time.

Tune in:

The paper is already online here (TouchDesigner is mentioned in the Results section.)

Patrik tells us the presentation is made with LaTeX and TouchDesigner too, so it will be kind of fancy :)

Entire program/timetable here with Patrik opening the conference!

Yay indeed, TouchDesigner in a peer reviewed publication!


september 04


Testpilot Show 01

Join deadmau5's techno fueled counterpart 'testpilot' for a 2hour+ live set of prime cuts and other fine audible meats.

10:00 PM EDT

Live Streaming Here or watch the show coming togther on this live stream


august 27

Ted Pallas is going to be talking with Geoffrey Platt about real-time tools and how they intersect with more traditional design practices on

Ahead of the Curve next week. You will need to register to tune and you can do that here:



August 23



About this Event: We will welcome Satoru Higa, a visual artist/programmer from Backspace Productions Inc!

More Info and Eventbrite


August 22

TOUCHDESIGNER + ABLETON LIVE (TDA) FOR BEGINNERS & INTERMEDIATE with instructors Adrian Lex and Tolch of Qualia (Spanish Language).

A través de la combinación de los programas Ableton Live y Touch Designer, se ejemplificarán distintas formas de generar contenido audiovisual, combinando instrumentos musicales, sensores de movimiento y análisis de señales de audio y MIDI. También se brindarán herramientas para incorporar aspectos expresivos innovadores y experimentar con los nuevos límites del arte y las performances en vivo.

La información de Ableton es asignada a parámetros visuales para generar una reacción audio rítmica, las cuales son activadas por medio de señales de audio, MIDI y OSC.



august 22

NKB Workshop 002 // Featuring VITAMIN

Never Knows Better and Creative Code Art are featuring VITAMIN in this workshop, as they teach you how to build an audiovisual interactive digital organism with TouchDesigner.

Time: August 22 // Duration: 1hour

This is a FREE Online event.

Workshop taught by Pablo Alvarez from VITAMIN

Facebook Event Page


august 22

NKB Workshop 003 // Featuring INTUS // Español

Never Knows Better and Creative Code Art are featuring INTUS in this workshop.

Time: August 22 // Duration: 2HRS

This is a FREE Online event.

Facebook Event Page


August 21

Join us this Friday, August 21st for InSession 6.0 as we are joined by Ginger Leigh aka Synthestruct, contestant and a winner of the HQ challenge when Derivative developers will dig deeper into Ginger's project developed during the competitions. 


Jarrett Smith
Ivan DelSol
Markus Heckmann
Isabelle Rousset 




August 08 & 15

Incoming for our socially distant creative community. We are having our first ever Creative Code Visual Art Showcase in the virtual world. 50+ video artists (Artists & Set times up Wednesday), 2 exhibit rooms and 1 workshop classroom accessible in VR and 2D on Sansar. Featuring work and artist workshops by @wearetundra and

TO ACCESS THE SPACE:Download Sansar to see exhibit in VR and desktop (PC Only):

Event access on Sansar (January 8th)

NKB Gallery Room 1:


For patrons who can't access our exhibit rooms on Sansar, we are live streaming on our Never Knows Better Discord page (Link available on the 8th!)

For any questions on this exhibit contact:



August 09

TDSW will be hosting a TouchDesigner workshop titled Creative Techniques with Point Clouds and Depth Maps! Interactive Developer Richard Burns will share his vast experience and on how to obtain point clouds and work with those on TouchDesigner. "In this workshop, we’ll look at different methods for obtaining point clouds, how to bring those point clouds into TouchDesigner and different creative ways of working with them. We’ll look into how the free tool CloudCompare can help us process clouds for use in TouchDesigner and we’ll also look at how to work with the Kinect Azures point cloud."



jULY 31

Join us this Friday, July 31st for InSession 5.0 as Derivative developers tackle questions and work towards optimization with the winners of The Interactive & Immersive Championship!

We will be talking to the champs about some of the problems they encountered during the competition and how their already fantastic winning entries might be further optimized. If you watched the event you will know that contestants had only one hour to complete each of the four challenges making for some pretty intense problem solving and designing. Head organizer Elburz Sorkhabi will be with us for a quick chat as well as 1st and 2nd place winners Ori Ben-Shabat and Dylan Roscover. Ginger Leigh the 3rd place winner is unfortunately unable to join us this week but we will aim for a later program.



Greg Hermanovic
Markus Heckmann
Isabelle Rousset 





ONLINE WORKSHOP oriented to provide information and live examples of the digital technological tools currently available to produce audiovisual art generated through programs, controllers and sensors.

Through the combination of the ABLETON LIVE and TOUCHDESIGNER programs, we will exemplify different ways of generating audiovisual content combining musical instruments, motion sensors, and analysis of audio and MIDI signals.




july 29

Join us July 29th for the second edition of Community Campfire Chat as we welcome our good friend AV&C founder David Bianciardi for an intimate chat around the campfire.

It's an honor to have David as our first guest on the show, he's a bit of a hero to both of us and if you've ever had a conversation with David or watched his presentation What Do We Want to Be (When We Grow Up)? from the Montreal Summit you'll have an idea of what we're talking about. It's RARE for someone producing projects on the scale David is working at to keep the same inquisitive, open mindset as people just starting out in their careers, always exploring new ideas and experimenting with technologies to create high quality and useful work and making great art! David is also at the forefront of exploring Experience Design from a creator's point of view so tune in and see what he's been thinking about!

The Campfire idea came about in the early days of the pandemic when TouchDesigner Community Manager Isabelle thought it would be fun to have casual conversations with community friends in a cozy outdoor environment and Roy of _yfxlab came through to build this enchanting low-poly world 100% in TouchDesigner.

LA : 12:00PM / Toronto : 3:00PM / Europe: 21:00



july 25


Don't miss DAY 2 of The Interactive & Immersive Championship Livestream on July 25th at 12pm ET. Needless to say after the first session we cannot wait for Saturday! Also very excited about the guest judges for the 2nd round. Again we have Derivative founder Greg Hermanovic, with the second guest judge none other than electronic music producer and TouchDesigner super nerd deadmau5!! (It's going to be entertaining in many ways.)

Tune in to support our valiant participating community stars and see you all in the chat.

Day 2 streams live this Saturday, July 25th, at 12pm Eastern Time. To watch, go to:

HUGE thanks to everyone involved - sponsors, participants and of course organizer and instigator-in-chief Elburz Sorkhabi and Matthew Ragan.

Watch here:

july 25

TDSW will be hosting a TouchDesigner workshop titled Procedural Plants with L-system!

Akiko Yamashita, a projection and lighting artist and former professional dancer who currently works as a technical director at VTProDesign will be teaching how to create beautiful plants with L-system on TouchDesigner!

Check out TDSW's Patreon where you can watch all of their live streaming workshops for $35/month. 

This event will be held online via the Zoom webinar.


25th July 2020 17:00-20:00 PDT

25th July 2020 20:00-23:00 EDT

26th July 2020 2:00-5:00 CEST

26th July 2020 9:00-12:00 JST



July 18

Tune in to Dance Yer Heart Out: A Fundraiser to Combat Racial Injustice this Saturday where Vincent Theodore Naples aka @drmbt will provide visuals for a modular set by R Beny, streaming at 8pm EST

Vincent says "I'm using TouchDesigner some feedback and light painting techniques driven by MIDI and a touchscreen, the TDMorph preset system and a custom timeline tox to trigger it that I've been tinkering with during quarantine."

The stream begins at 3pm EST on Twitch:


July 14

Get Started with Audio-Visual Content

UAL CCI After School Club and Youngjun Chang will be hosting a TD workshop for young people

About this Event

This session will be delivered by Youngjun Chang(@vitakcrete), who is a theatre designer and creative technologist. Youngjun will introduce how to build basic audio-visual content and simple communication in TouchDesigner. This session uncovers how simple pixels and signals found in images and music can be transformed into interactive media performance.


Sign up and join us online for free!


Wed, 14 July 2020

16:00 – 17:00 BST





About this Event

Can you believe it's July now? Half of 2020 has passed already. We will hit 10th online events this time. We choose Particles x Interaction as a theme for this workshop. We will work on interactive particles that we are so familiar with but lots of possibilities.

We will finally welcome Kaoru Tanaka as our first instructor of July! Her generative art always looks attractive on Instagram (@velvet_kaoru) and she is going to share her techniques with particles on TouchDesigner. We can find her style through her artworks and we hope this workshop would help you find your own, too. Don't miss this opportunity!

More Info and Registration


JULY 11 

Derivative is very pleased to be a sponsor of the upcoming "Interactive & Immersive Championship" a live competition for TouchDesigner developers that will be live streamed on Twitch. Think of it as an eSports event where competitors battle their way through 4 arduous skill-testing challenges testing their technical, aesthetic, integration and interactivity proficiencies. BIG prizes to be won including TouchDesigner and Notch licenses, hardware, and more. Competitors will stream their desktops and camera feeds to HQ servers, where it will all come together in an amazing live stream hosted by Matthew Wachter and Elburz Sorkhabi. Lots more info here on how to compete or simply join the fun streaming on Twitch starting July 11th.

Learn More and Sign Up Here


July 01


Join us July 1st around the fire in the enchanting low-poly great outdoors created 100% in TouchDesigner by Roy Gerritsen (_yfxlab) for the first edition of Community Campfire Chat. 

The idea dates back to the early days of the pandemic when TouchDesigner community manager Isabelle Rousset thought it would be fun to have conversations with community friends in a cozy environment during times of isolation. 

So finally...!!! tune in on Twitch as we take you behind the scenes and have a chat around the campfire. 

LA : 1:30PM / Toronto : 4:30PM / Europe: 22:30PM

Community Campfire Chat Streaming on Twitch


June 28


Must watch: BACKSPACE Productions Inc. performed this "next level" live streaming event using their new real-time video and CG compositing engine "Chausie" with an equally fantastic live set from Kafuka. Kafuka

How they did it: Stype:RedSpy camera tracking with TouchDesigner’s Stype support, and real-time rendering from TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine



TDSW is hosting a TouchDesigner workshop titled Generative Art with Polyhop aka Simon Alexander-Adams!

If you don't know Simon already check out his daily TouchDesigner Instagram goodness (@polyhop) andjoin TDSW to learn the techniques and philosophy behind his art practice!



June 20

Into the New Nature is a Solstice Live Stream happening June 20 5:30 PM EDT • 9:30 PM GMT

"Let yourself relax into the Mycelium Network... Prior to lift-off we will show our sonic Mycelium set-up and then fade into reactive TouchDesigner visuals."



june 14


Live on YouTube: performance will take place on JUNE 4 - 3:00PM EST and the link will remain public for 24hours.Duration 60 minutes

An audiovisual performance by And They Built Churches and Georgios Cherouvim.

This act is an online live dialogue. A bi-directional improv work during the quarantine days.

Melodic lines from the Byzantine musical womb and Countertenor vocals will meet with Shamanic voice drones, animal voices and rhythmic patterns. A​ liturgy about oneness.​ 

The algorithmically generated images evolve and shift between ambiguous shapes and the human form, in an elegant interplay between synthesis, metamorphosis and image decomposition. 


LABROS FILIPPOU - Live vocals - sound



june 12

Join us for InSession 3.0 Friday, June 12th at 14:00 EST as Derivative’s Eric Bonn gets under the hood with Experience Developer Somil Mehta on NVIDIA Flex techniques & optimizations.If you would like to be one of our lucky participants please send us your networks and fill out the REGISTRATION FORM

TouchDesigner InSession is a streamed event where up to 3 community members can review their projects and address questions, problems and optimization with Derivative’s staff for up to 30 minutes each.



june 9 & 11

GETTING STARTED WITH TOUCHDESIGNER FOR BEGINNERS an online workshop with Derivative's Markus Heckmann.

June 9th & 11thHosted by InterAccess.

This two-session PWYC introductory workshop is for everyone who wants to get started with TouchDesigner. It will provide an introduction to workflows and techniques for creating real-time visuals and form a foundation of knowledge to enable one to continue exploring and learning TouchDesigner.

Topics covered include an introduction to the user interface and basic work concepts as well as an overview of the various operator families and their particular usage for visual effects, 3D animation and control.

More InfoRegistration 


June 10

Alpha Moonbase's Rubberduck TouchCast, invites  Stephen Bontly on the pilot episode, to dive in ArTe, a UDP controller for the Unreal Engine making heavy use of the TauCeti preset engine! Wednesday 20:00 Berlin time.


june 7


Many of machine learning technologies have allowed us to extract various information and generate another image from just an image in recent years because of rapid development of machine learning. With machine learning, there are a lot of possibilities to create next level production even if its remote live performance with only camera streaming.

We will work with Runway ML, the software reducing the barrier to entry for machine learning, and TouchDesigner.



May 30

Darine Brito announces TDMorph 2.0 Pre-Release Live StreamDate: 30th May 7pm (GMT+2)Link:

"For the last months I have been working on improving and expanding the capabilities of TDMorph, moved by the great response and wide adoption that the first release got. I am very happy to say that the new engine is faster, prettier and much more powerful!

In this live stream I will demonstrate all the new things that TDMorph2 can do. Would be great to have you there! Shortly after I will release it free and open source, just like the previous version.

If you don't know what TDMorph is you can read about it here (version 1.1.4):

Poster designed by Studio JaapSmit."


MAY 28

TouchDesigner Roundtable Berlin X


The TouchDesigner Roundtable Berlin is a meeting point for creatives and developers that work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner099 as well as everybody that is curious about the world of interactive media art and the people behind it.


Wieland Hilker aka Jonas Schmitt (Youtube and Facebook Event) and Carlos Serrano (Twitch and Facebook Event) are going to be in the chats and meet with the community. If you have questions or announcements, talk to Carlos and Wieland. They will speak as your delegates in the virtual studio during the Q&A.

PRESENTATIONS: 20.00 Uhr / 8 PM (Berlin time)

There will be 15 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of Q&A for each Guest.In between the guests we will enjoy an audiovisual artwork of about 5 mins.GUESTS:  

  • Ginger Leigh / Synthestruct
  • Aurelian Ionus / Paketa12
  • The AEJAA Cllective / AEJAA
  • Markus Heckmann / Derviative


May 27


Notch is a powerful enviroment to create amazing motion graphics and interactive VFX in realtime, but how can you take this one step further?

Thats’s where TouchDesigner comes in as the perfect partner to create powerful immersive and interactive installations, VR/AR pieces and music driven performances. Together both tools deliver a more complete creator experience. Now you can connect physical programming with lasers, dmx lights and different kinds of sensors to drive the piece the way you really wanted to.

However, both tools require quite expesive licensing to play together, so not many people will be able to click along. That’s why most of the time you can lean back and Carlos Serrano will walk you through his workflow.

In the first part, Carlos will demonstrate how he connects and perfectly combines this two powerful tools in his daily pipeline to deliver final results. He explains how to create different visuals like volumetric fog, millions of particles, fluid and smoke fields without programming a single line of GLSL and how to use the procedural modelling tools.

He explores how to correctly send OSC and MIDI messages from TD to Notch and Spout and NDI signals from Notch to TD. At the end you will learn how to properly export a Notch Block that can be controlled in every aspect inside of TouchDesigner. 

The second part will be an extensive Q&A, where Carlos will answer your questions and try out all the things you want to know about this power couple – for you. 


may 25


Algorithmically controlled immersive installations, projections on skyscrapers generated by social-media APIs, performances mixing images and sounds of audiences in real time—more and more, real-world relationships between media and data are expanding the palette of digital creation. Join Elburz Sorkhabi and Jared J. Stein in this free 1-hour discussion on the process of building immersive, media-enabled experiences with algorithmically driven environments and real-time interaction between people, media, space and machine-learning systems. Time will be reserved at the end for participant questions.


may 23-24

MUTEK SF is bringing MUTEK online with NEXUS Experience. May 23-24 worldwide. Live AV performers on two stages. Digital galleries. Workshops. Film Screenings. Ginger Leigh aka Synthestruct will be exibiting a TouchDesigner work in the gallery throughout the event. 

Sign up now:

FREE TO JOIN. DONATIONS WELCOME.100% of festival proceeds going directly to the artists.


may 22

Join us this Friday May 22 for a scintillating 2nd edition of InSession as Derivative developers tackle projects and questions on the topics of Robots, Ableton, Shader Park, Ray Marching and optimizing on all counts for TouchDesigner. 



  • Artist and VTPro Design Director Akiko Yamashita joins with VT’s Robot Music Project which uses a 6-axis robot to drive Ableton’s audio. Aki’s questions include recording audio from Ableton and video from TouchDesigner in sync and collaborating with people on the Ableton side without them having to install TouchDesigner.

  • Torin Blankensmith and Peter Whidden, developers of Shader Park - an opensource web platform for creating real-time 3D ray-marched graphics using code that is accessible and inclusive for artists, designers, and educators. The session will revolve around Torin’s and Peter’s work on a TouchDesigner component which allows Shader Park code to be used as a generator for GLSL materials. Tune in to find out more about this exciting development!


On deck for the Derivative team: 








See you Friday and we look forward to hearing your questions and ideas in the chat!


may 21

Tune in to Twenty Twenty Global Thursday 21st for a live set from the incomparable Anna Morgan with a fresh set of TouchDesigner visuals by No Brand aka Brandon Epperson! Brandon tells us "Lots of different techniques in that 30minutes. First half is mostly 2d generative and compositing FX on footage, second half is a lot more geometry iteration and camera flight. First 10 minutes is laser dance stuff I shot before. We also incorporated videos sent to us by dancers from their homes and in one case a footwerk dancer is dancing to his own tune." 

Start time 3pm PST with Anna and Brandon at 4pm PST

Stream on Twitch

Stream on Youtube 


May 19

Licht.Pfad announces a new TouchDesigner workshop for Visual artists who want to stream AV content with brilliant visuals.

This workshop aims to give you the theoretical and technical tools to develop your own Mediaserver and Streaming system with TouchDesigner.

The workshop is for intermediate and video-artists that want to improve their skills and develop the system with easy to use interface in TouchDesigner environment.

There is the basic part of this course starting earlier, so you can join both parts with reduced price.


may 17

Virazhenie (Expression) is an annual performative act comprising electronic music, choreography and visual art. This year we have to reshape the event due to the current situation with social distancing. A performer, a musician and a media-artist from across the world unite in virtual media space, created in TouchDesigner — an interactive programming environment. The final image will be generated as a projection on a physical cloud surface. Live streaming and recording will take place in Vladivostok, Russia. We thank our partners:, Butoh Channel, Licht.Pfad studio (Berlin) and Artservatory centre (Khabarovsk). 
Choreographic performance: Valentin Tszin (Germany)
Visual content:Ilya Boordin (Russia)
Music:Daniel Williams (Germany)


may 16

Billeam Tschepe aka @elekdtronaut will be interviewed on Saturday, May 16 on @sxm__art's Instagram channel at 12pm Berlin time (6pm Singapore time). Tune in and ask your questions too!
Streaming: @sxm__art


may 9

In Real-time is an online event on the use of different tools for creating immersive and interactive content in the world of digital arts and creative industries. For this third session we have the following guests:
Jaime Reyes - Creative director and producer with extensive experience in the management and production of design projects through interactive arts.
Rodrigo Cid - Multimedia artist focused on creating sensory experiences through generative art and immersive multimedia designs.
Santiago Messier - Computer artist, animator, and creative technologist. Works between Miami and Bogota. Her work questions the possible relationships between real-time image, sound and space; combining new and old technologies.
Carlos Serrano - Artist and designer of new media in Colombia, lives in Berlin. He has focused his research on how you can recreate the real world with physics and mathematics by running algorithms and simulating physical worlds in virtual representations.

May 6

Watch Rui Gato's beautiful show "Monada Nomada" from his  artist residence at the CC das Caldas da Rainha in 2018. 
Cycle #CCCTambémficaemhouse presents "Nónada" by Rui Gato - Artistic Residence of the Season 2018
NOMADE MOUNDPrism over the spirit of time

may 5

Tomorrow at 20:00 pm Moscow Ildar Iakubov will hold another online lecture on L-systems in TouchDesigner dedicated as well to their festival Forecast2022. In particular, tomorrow's lecture will be very expensive to me personally, because its central theme will be the concept of L-systems, developed in the late 17th century by the German bio-systems.
20:00 Moscow time

may 3

Matthew Wachter's Social Distance Kissing robots in action and make them kiss or kith, either way it was live for a while and addictive!
Matthew explains:  Programming-wise it was pretty quick to put together. I used the TD-Mirobot a TouchDesigner component that can be used to control the WLkata Mirobot on my github to control the robots and built a simple position sequencer to make them kith.
For the Twitch chat integration I used the twitchio python module which simply sends a TCP message to the TouchDesigner scene which contains the username of the kiss instigator to be displayed on the screen.
The stream camera is fed into TouchDesigner which keys out the greenscreen (best it can given an absolute trash lighting situation) and then sends the feed to OBS Studio via NDI which then streams to Twitch. Note the stream is only running during Matt's waking hours as the robots need to be supervised and probably need sleep too ;)

may 3

[REDIFFUSION] We're thinking of Europe! The 5th edition of Sofa -&- tek will be on twitch at 21 pm French time, 15 pm Quebec time!
21 h20- 21 pm: EXCLUSIVE WORK by Réduced, the work patience, with Tim and False _ No.22 am-23 pm: FREETEKNO Eclectic, with Firefly and Bertinence.23 am-00 pm: FREETEKNO Eclectic, with M.I.L.K and C4 aka Dunil



Derivative's Jarrett Smith will be doing a live 3-hour VJ set with Shaun Reeves of Visionquest for and the StayAtHome Festival this weekend. Tune in Sunday 11am-2pm PST 


We are really looking forward to our first edition of InSession which will focus on the audio/visual projects of our two participants VJ DEEP KUMAR and Adrien Oneiga. Deep who is joining us from Bangalore submitted a file which will give us the opportunity look to into some TouchDesigner fundamentals and dive into audio visualization. Joining from Los Angeles, Adrien's project explores the idea of "social instancing" in these times of physical distancing by making his digital avatar reactive to his Ableton live set or "100% pirate-ninja stuff" in his own words. Making a cameo appearance, we'd like to thank Vladimir Galat and Jiggs Love from The Scan Truck for accepting our last minute invitation. ScanTruck created Adrien's avatar and as we discovered watching a video also happened to build the UI driving their scan procedure in TouchDesigner! See you all very soon and don't forget to post questions for our participants and staff in the comment sections, we'll be watching you too ;)
Learn more about InSession and to apply, please fill out and submit this registration form.


May 1

Peter Mettler will be performing a live-streamed visual mix to the audio recordings of YOSHTOYOSHTO, previously performed together live with anthropologist Jeremy Narby (The Cosmic Serpent) and musician Franz Treichler (The Young Gods). To compose this "live divination", the three artists have drawn their inspiration from the Amazonian Yaminuaha people’s metaphorical language, creating an improvisation that describes our world, its ambiguities and its interactions. Peter Mettler will discuss his live mixing practices in his masterclass earlier the same day, and demonstrate MIXXA, the software used for this, created with TouchDesigner.



TouchDesigner Roundtable Berlin IX
The Touchdesigner Roundtable Berlin is a meeting point for creatives and developers that work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner099 as well as everybody that is curious about the world of interactive media art and the people behind it.The event is free of course, but if you want to support our work you can buy Donation Tickets PRETIX
Wieland Hilker aka Jonas Schmitt (Youtube and Facebook Event) and Carlos Serrano (Twitch and Facebook Event) are going to be in the chats and meet with the community.PRESENTATIONS:Doors: 19.45 Uhr / 7.45 PM ( All times refer to Berlin time)
20:15 Uhr / 8.15 PM / Yves Peitzner and Jelena Gregov of Studio TISH20:40 Uhr / 8.40 PM / AV Screeningt.b.a. by Studio TISH20:45 Uhr / 8.45 PM / Christopher Bauder of WHITEvoid21:10 Uhr / 9.10 PM / AV ScreeningSKALAR - Reflections on Light and SoundBy Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray21:15 Uhr / 9.15 PM / Mickey van Olst21:40 Uhr / 9.40 PM / AV Screeningt.b.a. by Mickey van Olst21:45 Uhr / 9.45 PM / Markus Heckmann22:15 Uhr / 10.15 PM / David Brüll / NODE Forum for Digital Art22:30 Uhr / 10.30 PM / The End

april 29

Wednesday and Friday from 2pm - 4pm on Twitch
A fun and collaborative work-session stream with Elburz Sorkhabi filled with lots of pro tricks and tips. Elburz will be tackling some TouchDesigner challenge or new features, working through Notch integrations in TouchDesigner, and taking questions and answering questions from the chat.
Stream on Twitch



Online Workshop A/V Streaming in TouchDesigner with Stanislav Glassov of Licht.Pfad.  
Licht.Pfad announces a new TouchDesigner workshop for DJs, Musicians and Visual artists who want to stream AV content with brilliant visual quality using the power of TouchDesigner .
Reserve your spot and more information about this and other Licht.Pfad online courses  EVENTBBRITE 
Part I - Hardware / Software setup
  1. NDI / SPOUT
  2. Using the DSLR Camera as a Source
  3. Using Smartphone as a Source
  4. Setting up hardware connections
  5. Latency
  6. Audio routing
Part II - OBS Studio:
  • Streaming setup using OBS Studio
  • Connection setup:
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Layout
  • Sound Setup
  • Recording
Part III - Setup the streaming system in TouchDesigner
  • Connecting TouchDesigner to OBS
  • Setting up cameras
  • System architecture
  • Color Correction
  • Layout
  • UI
  • Controling TouchDesigner from Ableton


Tonight 8PM Pacific Time! 3 hours audiovisual streaming with Joel Armstrong for Public Disco. TouchDesigner visuals by Yasushi Harada
Tune in on YouTube via the link.

april 25

RGBdog rides again this Saturday streaming the sets of 4 experimental electronic musicians working with Ableton, MaxMSP, TouchDesigner, neural networks and live coding + audio-reactive visuals from their bedrooms to ours! Tune in:Live streaming at Twitchinstagram
BedroomLiveOut. is to support artists and to bring the community together to create and inspire experimental electronic music and audio-visuals.
Lineup and more info Event Page\

april 25

With our artist collective Croco Deal Dunil we make a live show each saturday named Canap & tek (meaning couch & technology). The main idea was to do our Touch VJ sets and livestream it through more than 6 different living rooms, inviting some DJ friends. Places to places sending sounds then live visuals to our stream. 5th edition by the way! 

april 24

Tokyo Developer's Study Weekend vol.025
Face-Tracking Effects Creation with External Python Libraries
Join Higa Satoru April 24th more details at link.


april 24

Saving the World Online Conference. Come watch us talk about Community and TouchDesigner during the pandemic and I hope this is a conversation we continue at length because there's a lot to talk about! And I recommend the other speakers and discussion, really brilliant people gathered here!

april 23

Ce workshop est le premier organisé par la communauté officielle Touchdesigner France , en raison des mesures de confinements liées au Covid-19, le workshop se tiendra en ligne.Cet atelier sera proposé par @michel_chrome et @Data_C0re , c'est une première approche du travail des textures 2D avec un projet basé uniquement sur des TOPs. L'idée est de découvrir les principaux opérateurs, comprendre leurs spécificités, apprendre quelques usages basiques de ceux-ci.
Le workshop se tiendra sur le serveur Discord de la communauté francophone Touchdesigner, le serveur est accessible à ce lien:
Voir les information sur Discord pour accéder au stream

April 23

The second round of En Tiempo Real takes place Thursday April 23rd with an all-star lineup of presenters:
  • Gabriel Pulecio @remembervictoriosa
  • Luciano Toledo @tolch.av
  • José Armando Rodriguez @jarmyrdz.
4:30 PM Bogotá time.


april 21

Elburz Sorkhabi will be live streaming today at 2pm Eastern time / 11am Pacific / 6pm UTC going through some new TouchDesigner features, working through building Notch workshop content, taking your questions, and generally being entertaining. Come stop by and hop in the chat to join the session. The schedule for live streaming is every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm Eastern (Toronto time) / 11am Pacific / 6pm UTC so be sure to drop by.

April 20

XBOX vs AZURE! It's time to see if the 400$ pricetag of the azure is actually worth it! Jonas Schmitt will be live streaming a session today to investigate!
Tune in 20:00 Berlin / 14:00 Toronto / 11:00 LA

April 20

Para seguir la clase es recomenable tener 2 monitores; uno para seguir la clase y otro para vuestra pantalla.  Tener bajada la demo de Metashape.  SI no tienes fotos a mano, puedes usar las de ejemplo que puedes bajar de los enlaces  siguientes.
Invitación meeting Zoom:
Live Meeting - Introduction to Photogrammetry with Metashape.Duration approx. 1 HOUR
To follow the class it is recommended to have 2 monitors; one to follow the class and another for your screen. Have the demo of Metashape downloaded. If you do not have photos on hand, you can use the sample ones that you can download from the following links.
Monday, April 20, 2020 at 5 PM – 6 PM UTC+02
Invitation to meeting Zoom:

april 19

TDSW (TouchDesigner Community based in Japan) have invited 2 guests for an online session !Ben Voigt from Derivative will talk about TouchDesigner Official Update features, and Totti from Digital FUN will talk about their imersive and interactive works, and community in China.You can watch this online session from YouTubeLive, but we are welcome to join zoom and interactive chat & QA on real-time!
At the same day, TouchDesigner Study Group Meetup #20 will hold online.You can enjoy both of them, across the url just on your display ;)
11pm April 18 EST / 12noon JPTHOW TO JOIN ※ 2 optionszoom webinarIf you want to join real-time chat or QA, reserve Peatix FREE tickets to get zoom link.We will send you invitation url before this event start.
YouTubeLiveYou can watch on YouTubeLive from TDSW YouTube Channel.Please follow our channel!->  TDSW YouTube Channel

April 18

Stay home and study in our Whereby study room together!
No registration or fee required.Touchdesigner study group is an open 24/7 video chatroom for studying and sharing Touchdesigner related projects.The group is inspired by Mokumoku-kai which is a type of meetup widely organized in Japan. Mokumoku is a Japanese word that has several meanings, but in this case, it is an onomatopoeia that describes silence and concentration for studying/working individually.However, despite the original meaning of the word, you don't have to be silent, you may want to chat and interact with other people during this session and that's great!
Find your time
  • PDT: 18th April 5-10 PM
  • EDT: 18th April 8 PM - 19th 1 AM
  • UTC: 19th April 12-5 AM
  • CEST: 19th April 2-7 AM
  • JST: 19th April 9 AM - 2 PM


april 14

Luciano Toledo will be live streaming (20:00 hs Arg), sharing some instances techniques in TouchDesigner.
Instancing is a way to make many copies of a geometry and place those copies specifically.
I will develop several step by step examples, so you can follow me, comments will be enabled for your inquiries.

april 13 - May 06

Arco es un centro de estudios en medios digitales ubicado en la CDMX, en donde llevamos un año capacitando personas en distintos medios digitales (Musica / Audio / Visuales / Iluminación). 
En el curso se cubrirán todos los temas introductorios para iniciarse en el uso de TouchDesigner y al paso de las semanas nos iremos adentrando en temas como el uso de herramienta de Video-mapping, diseño de interfaces y uso del Midi y OSC, entre otros. La dinámica del curso se dará a partir de introducir a todos los alumnos a las bases de TouchDesigner para después iniciar un proyecto individual con el que se irán cubriendo el resto de los temas, a la vez que se irá creciendo dicho proyecto que será presentado en público al final del curso. Como parte del curso, Arco invitará al mejor alumno a colaborar en una instalación profesional con el equipo de Quarso.


Exploring Technology Live
GLSL and Advanced TOP in TouchDesigner
Anton Heestand

April 12

This time, we have planned online workshop  of "processing of real-time visualized content using image processing and an external library",  for the intermediate level of TouchDesigner. 
Mr. Minomo, who is studying 3D structure representation at IAMAS, will be on stage!
Join HOME WORKSHOP with TDSW in Tokyo, instructor in Gifu, and You!


Live session with Jonas Scmitt who dive deeper into the preset system with the idea of creating a new subsystem for multi recalling preset.
17:00 UTC+28:00 UTC-7  YouTube


Exploring Technology Live
Point clouds and photogrammetry with TouchDesigner and MetaShape
Mickey van Olst


(English Follows). 
Es un evento online sobre el uso de diferentes herramientas para la creación de contenido inmersivo e interactivo en el mundo de las artes digitales y las industrias creativas. En esta primera ocasión estaremos con Carlos Serrano ( + Play - desde Berlín que nos hará una pequeña muestra de sus proyectos que involucran el uso de #machinelearning y #pointclouds en TD. Desde Bogotá Giancarlo Orsi ( Huge Inc, Nisba Visual Label ) nos hará un recorrido de su herramienta custom para #performance audiovisual en TouchDesigner y de su instalación “Plural-Me” que usa #kinect para el Hotel Click Clack de Medellín. Cristian Gonzalez (Tangible Interaction) nos acompañará desde Vancouver para compartir con nosotros su experiencia en el desarrollo de un performance que combina danza y luz al igual que hablara de otros escenarios donde usa TD para pixel mapping. Juan Barrera desde Bogotá nos hablará de animación en tiempo real con TD y de su experiencia como creador de contenido académico para la comunidad en habla hispana, de manera paralela como gestor de la comunidad en facebook y
El evento iniciará a las 5PM hora Bogota, Colombia. Se puede ver el streaming desde las siguientes plataformas:
Facebook Event
* Si quieres saber más sobre el evento o quieres participar compartiendo tu experiencia como desarrollador escribe al correo
It is an online event on the use of different tools to create immersive and interactive content in the world of digital arts and creative industries. On this first occasion we will be with CARLOS SERRANO (+ Play - ) from Berlin who will give us a small sample of his projects that involve the use of #machinelearning and #pointclouds on TD. From Bogota GIANCARLO ORSI (Huge Inc, Visual Nisba Label) we will tour your custom tool for #performance audiovisual installation TouchDesigner and "Plural-Me" using #kinect for Click Clack Hotel Medellin. CRISTIAN GONZALEZ(Tangible Interaction) will join us from Vancouver to share with us his experience in developing a performance that combines dance and light as well as talking about other scenarios where he uses TD for pixel mapping. JUAN BARRERA from Bogotá will talk to us about animation in real time with TD and his experience as creator of academic content for the Spanish-speaking community, in parallel as manager of the community on Facebook and


Alpha Moonbase aka Jonas Schmit has been streaming very interesting intermediate/advanced work sessions on an almost daily basis. This morning a Kinect Azure appeared on his doorstep so the topic today will be ..... yes! Keep an eye out on Facebook for times.


Monday Math
Paketa12 aka Aurelian Ionus, master of glitch and TOPs  will be live streaming THREE YEARS WITH A BANANA on Monday and yes it will have some math content!
Tune in wherever you are to twitch.tvpaketa12
9pm Amsterdam / 3pm NY / 12pm LA


10:00 PM ESPAÑ


Monday, April 6, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Mickey van Olst: Introduction to TouchDesigner

APRIL 3-30

Ildar Iakubov is planning an ONLINE FESTIVAL that will be far-reaching and collaborative and has created this info sheet and application form to assist with planning at this stage. Any individual, collective or institution is invited to participate in organizing this decentralized global festival for sociology of science and technology, philosophy of science, contemporary art and music. "We are happy and excited to share this invitation to collaboration. Inside this form you will find a brief description and a list of simple questions which would help all of us organize ourselves and, hopefully, create many cool and meaningful things. )" - Ildar

march 28

FREE COURSE IN SPANISH.////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////// SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 202021H (MADRID-SPAIN TIME) with Javo Light Notes aka Javier Alvarez Bailen.
I will talk about light ... this time we will see how to control all kinds of LEDs, both analog and digital of various types from TouchDesigner and also DMX for control of moving heads.
We will see Hardware and Software, with many practical examples.
Estimated session time of approximately 2 hours, or more if there are many questions.
For questions and doubts you can write
See you tomorrow!!
CURSO GRATUITO EN ESPAÑOL.////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////SÁBADO 28 DE MARZO DE 202021H (HORARIO DE MADRID-ESPAÑA)
Hablare de luz... en esta ocasión veremos como controlar todo tipo de LED, tanto analógicos como digitales de varios tipos desde TouchDesigner y también DMX para control de cabezas móviles.
Veremos Hardware y Software, con muchos ejemplos prácticos.
Tiempo estimado de la sesión de 2h aproximadamente, o algo mas si hay muchas dudas.
Para consultas y dudas puedes escribir
Nos vemos mañana!!

march 28

Join Irfan Brkovic beginners course on how to build an aquarium screensaver using TouchDesigner. First part will be dedicated to compositing the aquarium and second to different feedback techniques inside of it.
Event will be live streamed on 03/28/20 from Phase Space (Brooklyn) through Plan is to start at 4pm and end 6pm EST (Europe 9-11pm). Social distancing is adviced due to corona virus!
Irfan Brković is Yugoslavian born visual artist based in New York. Current member and video at The Wooster Group. Founding member of audio visual collective Fa11out and experimental video lab Phase Space in Brooklyn.

march 28

This Saturday 22:00 - 00:00 (CET) RGBdog is inviting four visual artists to their virtual bedrooms on Twitch for sick tunes and live visuals made with @touchdesigner and GLSL. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
⁣Line-up: ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
@charstiles (US) x @qualiatik (US) mix⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
@fingacode (UK)⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
@krumme.visuals (DE) x @tornpalk (DE) mix⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
@soyunparrrk (KR/NL) x Sphera De Noumenon (DE) aka
@michael_equations_collective mix⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
Watch us noding and GLSLing ⁣
Streaming: (type URL into browser directly if it errors)


Community everywhere are invited to join this Thursday the TouchDesigner Roundtable VIII - live and virtual, streaming from The NODE Institute in Cyberspace! Join us to see presentations by, Robert Seidel, Davide Santini and Markus Heckmann. Warm your souls around the global nerdfire with us!
Hosted by MXZHEN, The NODE Institute and the Professional TouchDesigner Alliance. 



Join Yasushi Harada and TouchDesignNerds from around the world... or web for TouchDesigner Study Group Vancouver #19 @Online.  Bring your TouchDesigner-related project and work on it. Ask questions and share your knowledge. Find someone to collaborate with. Anyone of any skill level is super welcomed if they are curious or motivated.

MARCH 23 - April 11

(English below) Estamos muy emocionados de ser los anfitriones de esta excelente iniciativa de Eloso Videoso, que invita a la comunidad a sintonizar y unirse a MARATON NTRCTV - PROGRAMACIXN PARA HUMANXS para PRINCIPIANTES. 9 sesiones completamente gratis a partir del 23 de marzo al 11 de abril, instrucción en español y TouchDesigner, ¡compruébalo! $0.0 LIBRES $0.0 GRATIS $0.0 FREE
We are very excited to co-host this excellent initiative from Eloso Videoso who invites the community to tune in and join the MARATON NTRCTV - PROGRAMACIXN PARA HUMANXS For Beginners. Impressive schedule of 9 sessions completely free running March 23 - April 11, instruction in Spanish and TouchDesigner, check it out!