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TouchDesigner Meetup Leipzig

TouchDesigner Meetup Leipzig
13 Oct 2023 , 18:00 23:00

Organized by The NODE Institute, Derivative and Bright Festival Connect, the TouchDesigner Meetup Leipzig invites creatives and developers who work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner as well as everybody who is curious about the world of interactive media art and the people behind it. We invite you to join both, the local and international community, offering four engaging presentations and an excellent opportunity to network, acquire knowledge, and draw inspiration within the dynamic ambiance of Bright Festival Connect. This meetup will happen in two parts in two locations and we are looking forward to take you on the tour.The Impact Hub Leipzig is an ecosystem for sustainable innovations and a community that operates entrepreneurially and with a future-oriented approach. It will host the presentations.

Situated within a converted power plant, Kunstkraftwerk stands as a trailblazer for immersive experiences in Germany and serves as the venue for Bright Festival Connect. Here we will meet for networking, drink and food after the presentations.


TouchDesigner is a node-based visual programming language and interactive media development platform primarily used to create real-time interactive multimedia content, installations, and live performances. It is being developed by Derivative Inc. and is widely used by artists, designers, VJs, and professionals in the field of interactive media.

18:00 UHR / 6.00 PM / DOORS OPEN


18:15 UHR / 6.15 PM / MARKUS HECKMANN from Derivative (CA)

Markus Heckmann (Technical Director with Derivative) is not only an iconic TouchDesigner programmer but also a visual artist who collaborates with a number of electronic musicians. He will join us with the newest news, gossip and answers to our most pressing questions about the present and future of TouchDesigner.

18:35 UHR / 6.35 PM / PABLO ALPE from Vitamin Studio (ES)

Vitamin is a creative studio based in Valencia, Spain. They are professionals with different backgrounds such as engineering, programming, fine arts, architecture, audiovisual creation, marketing and cultural management. Together they build innovative strategies to materialize ideas into unique interactive experiences. Creative Director Pablo Alpe will introduce the installation Matter, which is on show during the Bright Festival.Matter dives into the core of existence, where patterns, shapes, particles, and forces converge, interact and come to life in real-time. Captured as they unfold, the visuals render the dynamic dance of particles and forces that often remain invisible. While the installation offers a tangible representation of these intricate systems, it also evokes reflection on our perception of reality.



Elastique. is a nationally and internationally acclaimed creative agency specializing in brand communication. Creative technologist Ioannis Mihailidis will showcase certain projects in which TouchDesigner played a pivotal role in turning ideas into immersive, interactive installations. Ioannis will also provide insights into the workshop conducted by him and his team during Bright Festival Connect, which emphasized how TouchDesigner is utilized to create interactive installations by harnessing sensors, cameras, and other data sources to facilitate real-time interactions that respond to the movements and gestures of the audience.

19:15 UHR / 7.15 PM / STEFAN KRAUS from The Node Institute (DE) 

The media artist and educator, Stefan Kraus, is a co-founder of the creative coding education hub, The NODE Institute, the media art studio, MXZEHN, and the Spatial Media Lab e.V. Trained as an architect, Stefan explores the augmentation of physical structures using interactive and generative media, as well as the narrative potential of abstract imagery. Stefan will introduce The NODE Institute, which empowers the creative software community by hosting user meetups and online courses. He will also provide insights into a recent immersive installation that he has created as part of the Spatial Media Lab Collective.


20.00 – 23.00NETWORKING DRINK & FOODLocation: Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig

After a long day of learning and inspiration, it is time for food & drinks in the Lichtgarden!Participants are invited to get together, exchange ideas and create new connections for future collaborations.. 

23.00 – 02.00