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TouchDesigner Intermediates class - a season of learning with The NODE Institute

Starting October 18th 2023 and running Wednesdays online via Zoom and in English language

This course, spanning an entire semester, is tailored for individuals with intermediate proficiency in TouchDesigner who are eager to progress to the next level and equip themselves with the necessary skills for the diverse settings where TouchDesigner is employed. The live lectures will impart condensed knowledge, share best practices, and potentially save you days or even weeks of independent research. Our instructors will also provide you with components, example files, and code that you can readily integrate into your own projects.

Should you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Upon completion of the live lesson, you will have access to the workshop files and recordings for one year.


TD Intermediates Class - Winter 2023/24

October 18th 2023 – February 14th 2024 / In English Language / Online via Zoom or as Recording

16 weekly online sessions, always on Wednesdays, led by seasoned instructors, are structured to help you acquire valuable skills that can complement your work and studies.

You can buy the individual modules, or the whole season as a bundle with 20% off in comparison to individual modules!

Register here:

Our instructors and topics at a glance: 

01 – Motion Tracking & MediaPipe / October 18th 2023 / Torin Blankensmith

02 – Sequencing Shows and Installations / October 25th 2023 / Stefan Kraus

03+04 – Introduction to GLSL / November 1st & November 8th 2023 / Vanta

05 – Deep dive into physics with chainGpu / November 15th 2023 / Mickey van Olst

06+07 – Advanced GLSL Shader Programming / November 22nd & November 29th 2023 / Josef Pelz

08 – Visualizing chainGpu with custom materials (GLSL) / December 6th 2023 / Mickey Van Olst

09 – Interactive Sensors and Processing in TouchDesigner / December 13th 2023 / Dan Molnar

10 – DMX, Artnet and LED Mapping / December 20th 2023 / Stefan Kraus

11 – Lighting Design, Visualisation and Performance with GeoPix / January 10th 2023 / Lucas Morgan

12 – How To Secure Your Rights in Commercial Projects / January 17th 2024 / Yi Weihua

13 – Past the Palette: Extending the ParticlesGPU for Custom Uses / January 24th 2024 / Lake Heckaman

14 – Using Arduino with TouchDesigner / January 31st 2024 / Dan Molnar

15 – Structuring a TD application for scalability / February 7th 2024 / Lucas Morgan

16 – Projection Mapping / February 14th 2024 / Stefan Kraus



Flexible Pricing


As with all our courses, we offer three pricing categories to accommodate the different economic value this course can have to different participants. Be fair and respect our work and the instructors by doing the right thing! Assess your situation and choose which ticket is right for you.

  • Student & Hobbyist
    You are currently studying or want to learn TouchDesigner for personal reasons that are not related to your source of income.
  • Professional
    You are working professionally as a self employed or freelancing person and want to learn TouchDesigner to advance your career and win new customers by expanding your skills.Maybe you work as an employee in another field, but want to qualify yourself for new challenges, yet your company is not supporting you on this path.
  • Company*
    You are employed with or are running a company that will leverage the new skills acquired in their work with clients. You want to further qualify your employees and support them on their learning path.

    *Corporate ResponsibilityWhen you purchase a Company seat, you not only provide access for yourself or your employee, but you also support a participant from a developing country or someone in financial need who otherwise couldn’t afford the course. Each company ticket includes a scholarship for someone to benefit from this opportunity.