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TouchDesigner InSession


Welcome to TouchDesigner InSession, a streamed event where up to 3 community members can review their projects with Derivative’s staff to address questions, problems and optimization challenges. The idea is of course to help people with their work but it is also intended to be instructive for the rest of the community watching the stream and learning best-practices from TouchDesigner developers.

Join us Friday July 21 as we welcome Daniel Molnar for the 24th episode of InSession. Daniel Molnar aka Function Store is a freelance TouchDesigner developer and artist with a professional background in software development who produces music and shares TouchDesigner components and techniques with the community on his YouTube channel and Patreon. We will be talking to Daniel about his work and enterprising approaches to solving problems in TouchDesigner through his workflows, tips and hacks. Stay tuned for more details. 

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Friday July 21st at 14:00 EST / 20:00 CET

Check out previous episodes of InSession on our Youtube channel (link from above) and read on to learn more and how to participate.

How It Works

TouchDesigner InSession will take place every three weeks. The format will be to have three consecutive participants each consult for up to 30 minutes with one or more members of our team. The event will be live-streamed and we encourage the community at large to tune in and ask their own questions in the chat. 
To apply, please fill out and submit this registration form. Before submitting please read carefully:
  • Incomplete registrations will not be considered. (“More info to come…” is not good enough.)
  • The session will be streamed online to the whole community. Make sure there is nothing secret in your project that you don’t want to reveal or you are not allowed to share.
  • We will use the latest Official and Experimental builds. Let us know what your project was created with.
  • Make sure your linked project or .tox file runs out of the box. For example be sure that any paths are relative to your project file.
  • If at all possible, break out issues with your project into smaller examples.
  • We encourage you to use TouchDesigner’s sample assets where possible.
  • Please be considerate of download sizes. A GB per project is too big.
The next session is scheduled for:
Friday July 21st at 14:00 EST / 20:00 CET

We look forward to receiving your submissions and getting TouchDesigner InSession online and direct to the community! See you soon.