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TouchDesigner Event Berlin 2024

TouchDesigner Event Berlin 2024 May 21-23

We are very pleased to announce the return of our TouchDesigner event to Berlin, set to take place at HOLON and other venues from May 21 to May 23, 2024. Once again, this will be an intimate gathering for about 100 participants

The conference's first day will be a separately ticketed workshop day, offering limited capacity seats exclusively for conference attendees.

Following the successful model of our 2023 Event, the subsequent two days will consist of a daytime program of presentations from the community. This will be complemented by two very special evenings of inspired entertainment at a couple of unique venues: Studio 1111 and MONOPOL Berlin. Details in program below.

As always, these events are intended to share new work and ideas, inspire and educate, and simply to gather in person for intensive TouchDesigner community time. Derivative's Greg Hermanovic, Markus Heckmann, Isabelle Rousset, Malcolm Bechard, Ben Voigt and Eric Bonn from the Derivative team will be in attendance and look forward to seeing you all!


Please note that while the event is now sold out that you will still be able to watch the livestream for the daytime events. All the presentations will be recorded and then published to our YouTube Channel.



_Live Stream

All daytime presentations will streamed on The NODE Institute's Youtube channel and can be watched there:

Day 1 / May 22nd / WED / 10 AM :

Day 2 / May 23rd / THUR / 10 AM :



Simon Alexander Adams, USA
Oliver Ellmers, UK
Roy & Tim Gerritsen, NL
stanislav Glazov, DE

Greg Hermanovic, CA
lyell Hintz, USA

Ildar Iakubov, GE
Aurelian Ionus, RO
Idzard Kwadijk, NL
Keith Lostracco, CA
Harvey Moon, USA
Soyun Park, NL
Bileam Tschepe, DE
Chagall van den Berg, NL
Mickey van Olst, NL
Volvoxlabs, USA
Weidi Zhang, USA


_DAY 1 | MAY 21 | DAY PROGRAM | forum factory

Join Greg Hermanovic, Malcolm Bechard, Eric Bonn, Roy Gerritsen, Tim Gerritsen, Keith Lostracco, and Idzard Kwadijk for an 8 hour “test drive” hands-on session on a new feature set coming to TouchDesigner. Intended for the intermediate TouchDesigner creator, this workshop will be a mix of exploration and show & tells from TouchDesigner developers and community members.


The workshop will take place on May 21st 10:00 to 18:00 at:

Forum Factory
Besselstraße 13-14
10969 Berlin

Doors will open at 9:30.

This workshop is *not* catered. There are coffee shops, stores and restaurants in the vicinity to purchase lunch and refreshments.

Access to the workshop is only possible via the Event/Workshop Bundle Ticket.


_DAY 2 | MAY 22 | DAY PROGRAM | Holon

Supported by/In partnership with MONOMANGO the day program takes place at the HOLON space. The venue opens at 9:00am with a short greeting from the Derivative team at 9:30am followed by a series of presentations from the community.

Greifswalder Str. 29
10405 Berlin
2nd Courtyard, Left Entrance, First Floor


09:30 | welcome, Derivative, CA

Greg, Markus and Isabelle will give a short hello and a very quick newsflash of important developments.



Sometimes traditional game engines don’t cut it. TouchDesigner enables rapid prototyping and diverse interoperability making it a unique platform for creating gamified interactive and immersive experiences. When it comes to integrating sensors, complex display outputs, lighting control, or Ableton Live, TouchDesigner excels, but what goes into connecting these to a game? This presentation discusses the state logic required for building basic games, while touching on some specific solutions in mini-games I’ve created, both in the context of interactive installations, and in my daily sketching practice. We’ll touch on techniques for using pointclouds in movement based games, integrating TDAbleton for sound effects and music games, and some sneaky collision detection techniques.

Simon Alexander-Adams (aka Polyhop) is a multimedia artist and designer specializing in real-time generative art, interactive installations and audiovisual performances. He is perhaps best known for his daily sketching practice of over six years. He is inspired by the emergent patterns found in nature and frequently uses complex systems to simulate natural phenomena in the pursuit of organic textures and surprising interactions. Simon’s art has been presented at international festivals, including Electric Forest, the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and the 2020 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture Shenzhen. As part of the ARTECHOUSE Studio team, he’s created work in collaboration with NASA, the Society for Neuroscience, HARPA (Reykjavik, Iceland), and the Nobel Prize Museum (Stockholm, Sweden.)



Puristic Stable Diffusion Integration into TouchDesigner: a detailed walk-through on building heavy processing components inside of the Script TOP and Engine COMP. Half a year ago, with Vadim Epstein, Hou2Touch launched their first online course on AI/ML methods in visuals. To demonstrate the capabilities of the Stable Diffusion library, a goal was set to not use access to external web servers as other authors did, but to truly run Stable Diffusion within TouchDesigner. Difficulties were encountered, as presently python inside the ScriptTOP is not designed to process data at a speed far from real-time. Nevertheless, they were able to achieve success and continue to develop the AI pipeline inside TouchDesigner. In this presentation Stanislav will show their development and talk about the methods used, which allowed them to bypass the existing restrictions. 

Stanislav Glazov is a Berlin-based audiovisual artist, producer, live performer, and educator. He is the founder of Hou2Touch Online School, which offers the first online academic course for TouchDesigner.He possesses a deep technical knowledge and extensive experience in generative visual solutions, 3D graphics, video mapping, laser control, lighting devices, and interactive technologies. This expertise comes from years of work in technical direction for film production and animation, collaborations with leading studios in new media technologies, theatrical productions, and AV performances for various musicians. In 2001, Glazov began his educational career by developing his own courses on character modeling, animation in Maya, visual FX, technical development in Houdini, audiovisual production with TouchDesigner, and modular synths.Since 2008, he has primarily hosted courses on his own online platform. He has taught more than 2,000 people through his workshops and during his tenure at Realtime, Scream-school, SAE Academy, and through his own courses.



Chagall will present the system behind her reactive light installation B.A.B.Y. (Bionic Assistant for Becoming Yourself) that she operates live with motion sensors on her body and hands. With a live demo she will show her workflow of turning her movements into an array of audiovisual effects and talk about the key artistic as well as practical considerations it took to get this complex one-woman show on the road.

Singer, performer and electronic music producer Chagall creates audio-visual live music performances that reimagine the world of live electronica, visual arts and choreography. The application of real-time motion capture technology allows her to use the movement of her body to control all electronic sounds and visuals as she moves around the stage. Having toured her work across the globe, she aims to humanise the digital and to create experiences that have a deep emotional impact as well as being sonically, visually and technically breathtaking. Chagall has no educational background in either music or technology, but is a living example that technology, computer programming and electronics can be mastered if you know what you want to get from it. With this philosophy she has also recently started LoveLace - a foundation to support female identifying artists to learn and apply technology in their work.



Mickey will dive into the practice of making tools for TouchDesigner and the importance of re-interpreting and iterating on existing work. We'll have a close look at chainGpu and what it's capable of, as well as a showcase of two recent projects. The first is Club 1111, an immersive projection space intended for the community to experiment, showcasing immersive content using a custom TouchDesigner framework and authoring tool Mickey developed. The second project, Reclaim Wonder is a collaborative project on the nature of online interactions and creativity that utilizes large scale transparent LED displays that render spatial content.

Mickey van Olst is an art director and creative technologist whose work centers on exploring technology into an artistic context. He operates across various disciplines that span from real time generative graphics to physical installations involving carefully crafted electronics. His extensive work on art installations involve kinetic pieces which are brought to life using generative and interactive systems. As a creative technologist Mickey works with various studios and collaborators in the new media art space, often working on projects which feature extensive pipelines and system architecture. Mickey co-directed the Exploring Technology course at Hyper Island in Stockholm, where he’s helped introduce over 400 students to creative technology since 2015. An avid and experienced TouchDesigner user, Mickey is also part of The Node Institute’s lecturers for their Intermediates course, In the summer of 2023, Mickey released “chainGPU,” a powerful physics simulator tool built for TouchDesigner that is freely accessible on github.


[13:00 - 14:00 | Lunch will be served on site]



Exciting new software developments will be revealed

Greg Hermanovic is an engineer, designer and company leader who has worked in interactive realtime 3D graphics since 1974. He drew his first pixel on a CRT display in the mid-Atlantic Ocean during a 1974 UN global weather research project. From 1975 to 1980, Greg helped develop the training simulator for the US Space Shuttle's CanadArm robotic manipulator and other aircraft simulators.  He started working with digital audio in 1982 using the CMusic language for research in perception. He later became head of R&D at Omnibus Computer Graphics from 1984-1987.

Greg co-founded Side Effects Software, makers of Houdini, where he received two Scientific and Engineering Awards from the Academy of Motion Pictures Sciences and Arts for the advancement of procedural visual effects tools in the film industry.

Greg currently leads Derivative, the creators of TouchDesigner which is an application development tool used for making interactive experiences, architectural projections, puppeteered characters, music visuals, video servers, visualization and installation art. TouchDesigner has been used in projects for Walt Disney Imagineering, Google, Herzog & de Meuron, Prada, MIT Media Lab, the Guggenheim, Plastikman, Carsten Nicolai, Michael Snow, Rush and many more.



In this talk, Harvey Moon will delve into Spektra Studio's approach to building sustainable systems with a specific focus on the PrimeFrame platform developed using TouchDesigner. He will explore the practical strategies employed to reuse and rebuild tools, thereby averting burnout and fortifying foundations. Harvey will elucidate how this platform approach aligns with the overarching philosophy guiding his work, emphasizing collaboration, community-building, and finding joy in the process.

Harvey Moon is the founder of Spectra Studio and a new media artist who explores the intersection of technology and perception. The studio builds custom software, electronics, and kinetic systems to extend our understanding of the world and the ways in which technology mediates our lives.


15:15 | SOYUN PARK, NL

How do we create a framework to learn TouchDesigner beyond practicality with an artistic perspective which brings both media-theoretical engagement and creative freedom to the students? By sharing field experiences of running educational programs using TouchDesigner in art schools in The Netherlands, Soyun Park introduces possible teaching methods and curricula that inspire creative tool-learning processes while artistically provoking sociopolitical, architectural, fictional, or personal context. Beginning from questions such as: what happens if the UI of TouchDesigner is part of the creative outcome and subject? Or how can we intervene the ordinary spaces around us with intentional projections? This presentation will touch upon Soyun Park's educational philosophy in teaching technology and her students' artistic explorations to these questions. 

Soyun Park is an interdisciplinary artist, designer and educator from South Korea living in The Hague. She is interested in the relationships between technology and humans, from the individual level such as physical movement and relationships to the social level, architecture and politics.Often in collaboration, her work takes the shape of films, installations, and audiovisual performances. By making use of new media and technology, her work investigates the border between the digital world and reality which is getting thinner every day. Leading a community-driven studio [RGBdog](, she also teaches at educational institutions globally with her passion towards education.After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (graphic design BA), She has exhibited and performed at media art festivals, cultural venues and film festivals including for example Rewire Festival (NL), Nederland Fotomuseum (NL), Ars Electronica (AT), CTM Festival (DE), Jeonju International Film Festival (KR) and iii workspace (NL). Her co-directed film 'Wunderkammer 10.0' was awarded a Special Jury Prize at the Jeonju International Film Festival in 2022, and she was selected for Faces of We Are Europe in the same year.


16:00 | quickfire presentations

For the last hour of each day, conference participants will present topics in a 10-minute quickfire format. This is the ideal place to showcase projects, developments, or techniques that you feel are of interest to the community. At the time of purchasing tickets conference attendees will be able to sign up to present and there'll be additional on-site sign up if there are spots remaining.


  • Erik Eggeling (iArt) | MESH FESTIVAL
    Erik will share some news about iArt's upcoming Mesh Festival that will take place in Basel, Switzerland in October.
  • Ori Ben Shabat | Monsieur George, Virtual Puppeteering
    A little showcase of my exploration of creating a virtual rag doll manequin in TouchDesigner and showing the process of creating the doll and the virtual production aspect.
    "What Do Elementary Particles Dream Of?" is a show that questions the mysterious correlation between quantum physics and consciousness. The performance is illustrating the fascinating hypothesis that elementary particles, which are the very foundation of our universe, may occupy a multitude of potential states simultaneously until they are measured or observed. This concept echoes the bizarre nature of quantum mechanics, famously exemplified by Schrödinger's cat—a thought experiment that illustrates a cat in a box that is simultaneously alive and dead until someone looks inside. The act of observation has a dramatic effect in the quantum realm; it collapses the wave function, a mathematical description of the quantum state of a system. This collapse seemingly selects one possibility from among many, giving us a single outcome. "What Do Elementary Particles Dream Of?" questions what realities exist beyond our perception? What dimensions of existence are we blind to? A key feature of the performance is the use of live Electroencephalogram (EEG) data from a volunteer in the audience. This brainwave monitoring technology captures the volunteer's cognitive rhythms, and these in turn dynamically modify the performance's music and visuals. This interplay creates a palpable link between the individual's inner mental state and the unfolding visuals, emphasising that the reality we perceive is not only observed but also crafted by our conscious mind.
    It all started with a discussion I had with director Jean Boillot after the confinement. We wanted to create a device that would enable people to experience performing a text together by reading it on their smartphones, without the need to learn it. We produced a first version by commissioning a text for four players from three writers, l'Arbre de Mia. I built the technical apparatus with TouchDesigner and Node-Red, Jean Boillot designed the staging, a sound designer created a sound space and a lighting designer created the lights. The design/build process lasted around six months, with one week's residency per month in eastern France, and numerous tests with young people and adults. This version of La Machine à jouer is now playing in theaters, conservatoires and colleges. The show lasts 1h20, and can accommodate 12 players/actors and around 20 spectators. It takes half a day to set up, and requires an actress, a butler and a technician.
  • Kohui
    Kohui creates UIs for audiovisual work and performs with it using a touchscreen in TouchDesigner. He will showcase his touchscreen UI and how he performs with it in his work 'Composition for Objective Sound'. Kohui will discuss the advantages of creating a customized touchscreen UI for audiovisual work, and the possibility of the touchscreen becoming a new instrument.



Media artist MXZEHN, co-founder of the NODE Institute, has partnered with Studio1111, an innovative immersive club experience in Berlin featuring a 16,000-pixel-wide screen spanning 270° of the club's interior. Together, they are offering a course focused on exploring diverse techniques and aesthetic concepts for delivering live visuals that merge cinematic grandeur with playful improvisation, even at challenging resolutions.

Studio1111 and the participants of the course cordially invite the community to an evening of live visual performances, music, camaraderie, and refreshments.
Doors : 7pm
Presentations : 7.30 PM
DJ plays: 9:30 PM
There will be foods available for purchase (Tapas/Appritivo Style)

Studio1111 offers a groundbreaking immersive art and club experience in Berlin, featuring a 16,000-pixel-wide screen that envelops 270° of the club's interior. It is designed to serve as a playground for the live visual community and experimental audio- visual performances.  

Studio 11:11
Potsdamer Str. 96
10785 Berlin


_DAY 3 | MAY 23 | DAY PROGRAM | Holon



In his talk Oliver will show how Dimension Studio and DNEG 360 harness the power of TouchDesigner within Virtual Productions.
Oliver Ellmers is a creative technologist, multimedia designer, and software developer specialising in delivering immersive, interactive and impactful multimedia experiences. Oliver has experience in live-events, interactive installations, immersive lighting design, live broadcast, and virtual production. Oliver currently works for Dimension Studio and DNEG 360 in London as an Integration Technical Director as part of their Applied Technology department, working to deliver cutting edge technology solutions within Virtual Production.


Aurelian will demonstrate the process of translating Bruno Imbrizi's renowned fluid simulation into TOPs. Despite being one of the most sought-after algorithms, this simulation surprisingly lends itself to straightforward construction using textures.
Aurelian Ionus aka Paketa12 is a 47-year-old IT engineer from Sibiu, Romania. Always afraid of programming he chose something else instead, working in graphic design, identity, web and 3D for many years. It wasn't until the age of 36 that he had his first forays into Processing and began to like the idea of creating with algorithms. But still the "line of code" didn't seem visual at all. That all changed when Aurelian discovered TouchDesigner seven years ago. He became addicted in no time and set out to become good at it, to ease his effort to find a job in this field. At the same time came the idea to make tutorials and share something with the community from which he has learned a ton. So here he is today, spending a lot of time on this path, researching new ways of visual programming.


Bileam will delve into perfectionism, his personal struggles with it, and how he thinks it hinders creativity. As well Bileam will demonstrate through example how imperfection is a big part of making organic and natural looking art in the logical, rigid system that is the computer.

Bileam Tschepe aka elekktronaut is a Berlin-based artist and educator creating audio-reactive, interactive and organic digital artworks, systems and installations with TouchDesigner and artificial intelligence, collaborating with and teaching people worldwide.



Keith and Idzard will introduce a novel Python library (with a C++ backend) that enables high-performance interaction between any existing Python framework and TouchDesigner. By leveraging Vulkan and CUDA, TouchPy opens new pathways for integration, particularly with libraries such as PyTorch and Nvidia Warp. TouchPy supports GPU-to-GPU (zero-copy) data transfers, streamlining data exchange between standalone TouchDesigner applications and Python. The significance of TouchPy stems from the growing complexity and prevalence of AI technologies, primarily developed in Python, which can be challenging to implement quickly in TouchDesigner.The presentation will cover TouchPy's features, the reasons for its creation, advantages, and practical applications. It will be followed by live demos, a discussion on its future development, and a Q&A session highlighting its potential to bridge gaps between Python and TouchDesigner for existing workflows and new applications.

Keith Lostracco is a multidisciplinary software developer known for his work in real-time content and interaction, transitioning from music production to computer graphics animation and programming. Specializing in blending technology with art, Keith's innovations in real-time media, include projects like Luminosity and Fusion. He has pushed boundaries using AI in TouchDesigner for real-time visual effects and data visualizations, creating tools that enable dynamic environments responsive to user inputs and environmental data. Keith's work extends to Vulkan, Cuda and other lower level libraries, enhancing his skills in real-time graphics, compute, rasterization rendering, and raytracing. His technical expertise also covers entity component systems and advanced metaprogramming techniques, focusing on deeper interactivity and responsiveness in digital art. Keith's commitment to innovation and learning in interactive media and real-time graphics programming marks him as a leader in digital media production, with his work exemplifying the intricate relationship between software development and creative digital expression.

Idzard Kwadijk aka Nettoyeur, studied Electronics and Computer Science. Currently based in Amsterdam, Idzard is a TouchDesigner expert, well versed in technical production of live shows. As an active and well-known figure in the TouchDesigner community, Idzard frequently partners with the best TouchDesigner professionals and agencies in the world, to assemble & lead the best team for each project and timezone. Idzard’s work has been shown by global brands, music tours and public spaces, such as Cirque Du Soleil, Universal Studios, Spotify, Indy 500 race, Sotheby’s NY, BMW, Samsung, Noisa “Outer Edges tour”, Mysteryland, Sensation, Artechouse, Deutsche Telekom Design gallery, Nike and a Formula 1 racing team. After having implemented many AR, VR, and immersive installations, Idzard currently specializes in training and integrating custom AI models in TouchDesigner for real time results.

[13:00 - 14:00 | Lunch will be served on site]


14:00 | weidi zhang, USA
interactive ai art (2O MIN)

In this presentation, Weidi will introduce an interactive AI art installation called ReCollection. This piece was developed using the TouchDesigner environment, merging AI system design with experimental visualization techniques to transform participants' real-time voice input of fragmented language into a comprehensive visual narrative, presented as an interactive art experience. ReCollection not only serves as a futuristic prototype for memory preservation within the dementia community but also offers an artistic exploration of collective memory and cultural reproduction.
Weidi Zhang is a new media artist based in Los Angeles and Phoenix. She is an Assistant Professor of immersive experience design at the Media and Immersive eXperience center of Arizona State University. Her research investigates Speculative Assemblages at the intersection of immersive media, data visualization, and interactive AI art. Her works are featured in international awards, conferences, and museums, such as Best In Show Awards in SIGGRAPH (2021,2022), Red Dot Design Award, Honorary Mention in Prix Ars Electronica, Lumen Prize Shortlist (2020,2021), ISEA, V2 Lab, Times Art Museum, Mutek, Society For Arts and Technology, and others. She holds her Ph.D. in Media Arts and Technology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

14:30 | Lyell Hintz
Creating Tools for other Artists (2O MIN)

How can we integrate the advancements in generative AI and other emerging technologies with TouchDesigner to create more powerful and user-friendly tools? Lyell Hintz will explore this question and share his current approach to making tools more accessible and encouraging experimentation. He will discuss his current approach to making tools more accessible and encouraging experimentation, especially in light of recent advancements in generative technologies. Lyell will show examples of different tools he has created, exploring essential building blocks such as extension classes, custom parameters, and callbacks. He will also touch on iterating on new technologies within TouchDesigner and his experience attracting artists from outside the TouchDesigner community. Lyell aims to empower artists and foster a vibrant, collaborative TouchDesigner community through accessible tool development.

Lyell Hintz, also known as DotSimulate, is an artist and developer passionate about building memorable moments and interactions with technology. With a background of interests spanning theater, performance, graphic design, and music, Lyell excels at translating narratives into abstract creations of new media and technology. For the past four years, he has been focused on generative simulations and procedural animation, and more recently, experimenting with AI within creative workflows. His passion for exploring the potential of technology has led him to developing tools using TouchDesigner as his primary development tool. Through his Patreon, Lyell shares many custom tools, tutorials, and feedback with a community of artists and enthusiasts, searching for ways to empower himself and others to develop and learn new ways of creating.


14:30 | ildar iakubov
museums? touchdesigner is pulling for you (2O MIN)

[We regret to inform our participants that Ildar was unable to travel to Germany through no fault of his own and not for lack of trying. We are leaving his original presentation details here for posterity. We will miss you Ildar.]
For Ildar Iakubov TouchDesigner is an absolutely irreplaceable tool when it comes to working for museums. This presentation is based on his prior experience in dozens of venues and two recent large museums designed and completed from scratch in Tbilisi in 2023-2024. Ildar will share details of their team workflows and practices which include: prototyping in VR, developing playback and administration web interfaces, and multiroom synchronization and interaction. Last but not least he will reveal some insights on technically interesting installations from these two  museums which make use of UHD projection mapping, moving objects mapping, multiuser interactive setups, custom ML solutions and other exciting stuff.
Ildar Iakubov is an artist, curator and educator with 13 years of TouchDesigner experience. Participant of various exhibitions and festivals Ars Electronica Linz, CTM Berlin, Insonic ZKM Karlsruhe among them. Founder of Tbilisi-based - full cycle multimedia production working with customers in the field of culture and entertainment.

15:15 | volvoxlabs, USA
the power of touchdesigner in crafting successful multidisciplinary projects (4O MIN)

The Volvox team will share their studio's origin story and explain how we have used TouchDesigner to develop our approach in creating immersive experiences. During the presentation, we will discuss two recent projects - The Batting Lab, an interactive sports experience, and The Beach, a robotic choreography installation. Our team will provide insights into our approach to managing complex projects and how TouchDesigner has become an essential tool in our production pipeline. 

VolvoxLabs is an award-winning, new media art studio known for projects combining innovative technology with high-end artistry. The studio's focus is on new media contemporary artworks and installations. Volvox specializes in multimedia design, animation, programming, and fabrication for interactive environments. Working with agencies, brands, and artists Volvox has been able to help re-imagine their spaces to create more authentic story-making experiences.


16:00 | quickfire presentations

For the last hour of each day conference participants will present topics in a 10-minute quickfire format. This is the ideal place to showcase projects, developments, or techniques that you feel are of interest to the community. At the time of purchasing tickets conference attendees will be able to sign up to present and there'll be additional on-site sign up if there are spots remaining.

  • Ronen Tanchum | MOMENTS IN TIME
    An interactive art installation situated in the lobby of a Jönköping building, representing a seamless blend of art, technology, and architecture. Designed to reflect the dynamic nature of the city, this artwork is a living testament to the interplay between the human community and its environment.
    This talk is a quick presentation of a realtime 3d painting application made for MotionMotion festival (Nantes, France). In this installation, participants can paint on a virtual carryatide and see the result in realtime on a life size statue. Louis is a creative engineer at 61FPS where he builds custom made interactive system.
  • Bertrand de Becque | A SHORT RETROSPECTIVE
    Bertrand will present a short retrospective of his past and present work as an independent visual artist, and his commitment in TD education (France & Europe) in duo with his interactive "puppet", well-known by the community for its tutorials. Bertrand will drive it live, with a custom midi controller to make a funny yet informative presentation for everyone.
  • Stanislav Glazov


17:00 | derivative q&A

Closing the daytime conference will be an energetic hour of Q&A with the Derivative team.


_night 3 | 20:00 | monopol open Dragons night RSVP

For the TouchDesigner Event 2024, MONOPOL Berlin, LED Pulse, and Dereal Studio have collaborated to extend a special invitation to the community for an evening of celebration and exploration amidst a captivating scenography featuring 70 Dragon O² modules suspended in MONOPOL's Bunker Hall. Come join the festivities and immerse yourself in the opportunity to experience your own content on this distinctive structure. You will be able to download a package with a simulator and more info on how to play with the LED volume here.

Find everything you need to play, perform and experience your contentin actual, volumetric 3D right on this page: DragonFun24

DJ Adam Marshall will provide the soundtrack for our exploration.Think of it as an open beamers situation, just that we are dealing with open volumes this time!

Alternatively, enjoy the experience of fellow enthusiasts experimenting and spend a special evening catching up with fellow TouchDesigner friends in this unique industrial venue. Cash bar + DJs on site.


In Berlin, there are still large, enchanting industrial sites that have remained inactive for years, anticipating a new purpose. Among these locations is MONOPOL – a former distillery situated in Reinickendorf, which has transformed into a beacon of audio-visual exploration and stunning light art in recent times.

LED Pulse
The forward-thinking company specializes in crafting immersive light experiences to elevate human-machine interaction. In pursuit of this goal, LED Pulse's engineers and designers have developed the world's most advanced volumetric LED display, known as the Dragon O². This innovative technology seamlessly integrates with TouchDesigner, offering users a straightforward process for access and utilization. 

Provinzstraße 40-44
13409 Berlin

In addition to the official program, Keith Lostracco and Idzard Kwadijk from IntentDev, in cooperation with the Spatial Media Lab e.V., will host an informal Afterhour, lead by a 2 hours Masterclass about TouchPy, followed by an open space to share ideas, projects and to meet other members of the community.


TouchPy (see presentation Thursday 23rd) is a new high-performance Python library with a C++ core designed to enhance interactions between Python frameworks and TouchDesigner through Vulkan and CUDA. This tool facilitates direct GPU-to-GPU (zero-copy) data transfers, optimizing the integration of AI technologies with TouchDesigner, especially for frameworks like PyTorch and Nvidia Warp. TouchPy's development responds to the challenges of swiftly incorporating complex Python-based AI into TouchDesigner.

In this masterclass, Keith and Idzard will walk through installing and configuring TouchPy for a particular machine, installing and importing Python packages that implement generative and inference models, and integrating the packages with TouchDesigner.

For the TouchPy masterclass, attendees should have a basic understanding of Python and TouchDesigner. Attendees will not need to bring a computer.

17:00 | OPEN STAGE

After the masterclass you are invited to stay at the Spatial Media Lab, grab a drink and maybe even hold a presentation of your own. The stage will be open for everyone to present, as several desks with screens invite to share knowledge in smaller groups.

The Space will be open until the late evening, drinks are provided as are small snacks.

Location: Spatial Media Lab. Max capacity 50 people.

An der Industriebahn 12-15
Entry 407 , 2nd Floor
13088 Berlin

The Front Door will be open until 18:00
From 18:00 you will be picked up in regular intervals.




_Partners and Supporters

We would like to thank our partners who have made this event possible. We started planning the TouchDesigner Event Berlin 2023 about a month and a half before it was scheduled to happen and it could not remotely have happened were it not for our friends and collaborators in Berlin who graciously shared their time, expertise and resources with us.

The NODE Institute

We are enormously indebted to the hard work put in by The NODE Institute's Stefan Kraus, Harshini Karunaratne and Wieland Hilker who undertook all of the operations on the ground including the sourcing of venues, the procurement of equipment and setting all of that up, live streaming, ticketing on our behalf and countless other tasks.

The NODE Institute empowers the creative software community to share knowledge and growth.By hosting user meetups, workshops, webinars and online courses, the Institute functions as a hub for creatives at the intersection of art and technology.

The NODE Institute is run by designers David Brüll and Stefan Kraus with the mission to empower the visual programming communities.


It's not easy to find the perfect space (on very short notice) to stage an event like this and we are very grateful to MONOMANGO for accommodating us with their wonderful event space HOLON and for their warm hospitality in hosting the TouchDesigner Event Berlin 2023

HOLON is an interdisciplinary format for research and play. It uses virtual instruments to support knowledge transfer, collaboration, and connect people between the virtual and physical spheres.

MONOMANGO is a Berlin-based creative agency and production studio, comprising of visual designers, music composers, and creative technologists. Founded by Lois Kainhuber, Jan Weber and Olivier Fröhlich in 2006, the company has since realized international showcases for major brands. More recently, they established HOLON, an interdisciplinary event format, and immersive instruments, which combines real-time visualization with tactile human interfaces to navigate virtual spheres.

STUDIO 11:11

Studio1111 offers a groundbreaking immersive art and club experience in Berlin, featuring a 16,000-pixel-wide screen that envelops 270° of the club's interior. It is designed to serve as a playground for the live visual community and experimental audio- visual performances.  


In Berlin, there are still large, enchanting industrial sites that have remained inactive for years, anticipating a new purpose. Among these locations is MONOPOL – a former distillery situated in Reinickendorf, which has transformed into a beacon of audio-visual exploration and stunning light art in recent times.


The forward-thinking company specializes in crafting immersive light experiences to elevate human-machine interaction. In pursuit of this goal, LED Pulse's engineers and designers have developed the world's most advanced volumetric LED display, known as the Dragon O². This innovative technology seamlessly integrates with TouchDesigner, offering users a straightforward process for access and utilization.

Workshop May 21st:

Forum Factory
Besselstraße 13-14
10969 Berlin


Main Event May 22nd - May 23rd:

Greifswalder Str. 29
10405 Berlin
2nd Courtyard, Left Entrance, First Floor

Evening May 22nd:

Studio 11:11
Potsdamer Str. 96
10785 Berlin

Evening May 23rd:

Provinzstraße 40-44
13409 Berlin