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Todd Moyer's Illoominate

Illoominate at Create:Fixate 

ILLOOMINATE: A laser-mapped / video-mapped / light installation by Todd Moyer 

"Best in Show" at Create:Fixate - I Art You - February 15th, 2014 

Nine laser beam threads are drawn from nine 3D projection-mapped spools of electronic fabric, bringing together an old material technology from the industrial revolution with the new non-material technology of photon manipulation.

Each spool is mapped with non-repeating textile patterns generated by a computer program in real-time.

Tech Details 

The laser is a 7.5 watt RGB system that I built from various components, including a 3 watt green laser (532nm), a 3.5 watt blue-violet laser (455nm), and a 1 watt red laser (635nm) . It's driven by a Pangolin USB DAC which communicates with TouchDesigner over DMX.

The three mirror bars on the floor and the nine ceiling-mounted mirrors are connected to 100 turn-per-inch kinematic positioners for fine aiming adjustment. The "spools" on the floor are constructed from wood and 1mm thick PVC.

Part programmer, part artist, Todd Moyer has been working in interactive media for 18 years, holds several patents related to 3D media and considers himself a "street artist born of Los Angeles' street art culture". See bio here.

Up next, Todd will be teaching an Intro to Video Mapping workshop at SXSW which will cover projection mapping with TouchDesigner alongside Mat Hale who will be demoing MadMapper.