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Theatre Visuals for GRENTZäNZER, WEIMAR

Grenztänzer is a privately initiated dance theater production involving 124 students from various schools in Weimar, the German National Theater and the Staatskapelle Weimar.

Under the direction of Sven Miller together with dancer/choreographer Ayman Harper and conductor Rasmus Baumann the students participated in the creation of a process oriented piece that is guided by the principles of experimental theatre and moves along and across the borders of classical music, dance, theatre, performance and video.

The basis of the artistic work of Grenztaenzer is the movement of the body to music. The discovery of one's own body and respect for the constitution type of others are the groundwork for the students to create a dance choreographed to John Adams' pulsating composition "Harmonielehre".

An important part of Grenztänzer is the interactive Video installation by the Weimar based art collective "YouAreWatchingUs". The core elements are flatbed scanners on stage sending scanned images of the actors to the screen as part of an ever growing "picture world" that is generated and animated with TouchDesigner. The installation works as an expression and mediator functioning as a mirror and carrier between the persons scanning themselves.

"Touch is ideal for Theatre since I can improvise a lot, quickly and easily try out new things together with the Director and Choreographer and adopt to music and choreography. Similar to a set designer I am swiftly building Sets in Touch to experiment and realize Ideas.".

- Timm Burkhardt, YouAreWatchingUs