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TDMorph2 Pre-release Overview



This live stream was a guided overview of upcoming functionality and features. Various others  have been added since the stream happened, but this covers a great deal of what is coming! Here a topic list in this recorded stream:

Basic Functionality

1) Element Containers - 10:50 

- Mapping parameters (drag and drop) 
- Randomization and morphing 
- Curves, time and automation 
- Adding, storing, freezing presets 
- Local vs Global behaviour 
- Mapping ranges 
- MIDI and OSC Mapping 
- Collapsing elements for workflow and efficiency 
- Default values, renaming and multiple containers

2) Expert mode - 27:13 

- Mapping LFO's 
- Clock synchronization (Beat and Ableton Link support) 
- Syncing and quantization 
- Patterns, creating arbitrary sequences

3) Basic Tools - 56:09 

- Exposing Morphing Timers
- Exposing Morphing Channels
- Preset Grabber
- Preset Animator

4) Preset Composer - 1:01:36

- Creating presets 
- Creating scenes 
- Altering properties (via typing or menus) 
- Follow actions 
- Programable follow actions 
- Sequence mode 
- Reordering 
- Quantization, triggering and follow actions 
- Blending

Advanced functionality

5) Preset Manager - 1:27:05 

 "One node to rule them all, one node to find them, one node to bring them all and in the darkness bind them".

6) Patterns - 1:42:08

- Patterns library as node- Patterns library as... well... library