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The TDBitwig Demo: A Learning Toolkit



Hi everyone,

I'm excited to share something that's been in the works for quite a while now – a new set of example files for TDBitwig. This release is a combination of a TouchDesigner environment file, a Bitwig project, and a detailed Wiki document to guide you through it.

You can find the documentation for the example files here, and the demo files themselves are available in TouchDesigner in the included Samples folder.  Help Menu -> Browse Samples -> TDBitwig.

What's Inside the Pre-Release

These files are a peek into what will soon be part of the standard TouchDesigner Samples directory. For now, you can access them in a special pre-release form. They originated from the live sessions and testing workflows that Mark Hashimoto and I have been refining, and we've aimed to present them as a comprehensive template that covers a wide range of functionalities.

For a bit of context, you can see where some of this work began by watching a segment of our Node Institute presentation starting at the 2-hour mark here.

Since the initial release of TDBitwig, I've been building and tweaking this demo. I’m pleased to report that it's been a stable journey, affirming TDBitwig's reliability for live performance environments. Of course, true validation comes with real-world use, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs in real life.

Explore and Learn

This demo is designed to guide you through creating a bidirectional interface with Widgets and Bitwig remote controls, understanding binding in this environment, and setting up a scene changer. It will also touch on visual track solo/mute setups, delve into automation, and provide a peek at a 3D note visualizer.

We’ve also tackled the integration of audio streaming from The Grid into TouchDesigner, covering both MacOS and Windows platforms. My goal with this demo is to provide a resource rich with advanced insights to help you build a complete live show.

It’s a comprehensive look at the system, aimed at those looking to deepen their knowledge rather than a light introduction. I’ve poured what I've learned into this, hoping it inspires you to take things in your own direction.