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TD artist(s) wanted for Tokyo Biennale / Bangkok project


I'm a video / performance artist from New Zealand - based in Bangkok. 

I'm developing a project for the Tokyo Biennale next year, to be presented from July-September 2021. I'm looking for TD artist(s) to collaborate with on an interactive video animation for the Biennale, as well as a parallel project in Bangkok as part of its development earlier in the year.

The Tokyo project explores the historic and ecological significance of local rivers, using performance, participatory street actions, mapping research, and sculptural installation. A video work will be projected on the underside of a historic viaduct, using underwater live action video, which I want to reanimate using particle effects that mimic water turbulence, and possibly audience interaction altering the composition via Arduino or motion sensing. (I'm open to ideas, incl. combining other workflows; After Effects etc.)

The Bangkok prototype will use a similar approach, focussing on canals in the Old Town, working with community participants and local artists. I'm looking to work with TD artists based in Bangkok and Tokyo, but remote collaboration is also totally possible. 

I should clarify that as a non-commercial residency project, the biennale funding is limited in terms of fees, but I'm putting together applications to extend it via Japan Foundation and other sources. Any tips on potential funding / industry partners would be most welcome. That said, the project is also very much about social practice (part of the biennale 'social dive' program). So apart from finding a core team to work on the main piece, I'm interested in the community aspect of TD, with things like shared online workflow and on-site workshops closer to the event. So if you're interested in being involved in any way, please get in touch and let's see what's possible.

Here's links to the project:

Hope to hear from you...