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Study For Fulldome With Photogrammetry and TouchDesigner

Study for Fulldome with photogrammetry and TouchDesigner

A few kilometers from Barcelona in the town of Torrellas de Llobregat. The Can Riera Caves are located. These are clay stone cavities that have been molded by rain and wind over the centuries. We discovered these caves during a family outing and I didn't expect to find anything like that and so close to home; Its walls of sinuous shapes and an intense orange color immediately enamored us.


Unfortunately - better said, thankfully - since 2019 it was closed if it entered the public since the space was degrading by leaps and bounds; It is curious how quickly man can spoil what nature has cost centuries to achieve.
Taking advantage of the excursion and carrying a camera in my hand - a Nikon xxx - I tried to sweep photos - as I could and bypassing the masses - with the intention of processing them to extract a 3D models using the Photogrammetry technique.


Once the whole photogrammetric process has been carried out, I export the various data obtained: the dense point cloud, the 3D model and the real texture to be able to experiment.


First of all I try to optimize the 3D model a bit with Cinema4D. and hence export an optimal model to work more smoothly within TouchDesigner.


Finally a sample of the final result.

Cuevas Can Riera - estudio para Fulldome 



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