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Simple Mixer - Roadmap to 2.0

For those who don't know Simple Mixer is a real-time tox and video mixing tool built entirely in TouchDesigner. It's currently tested and working in 099 stable builds and I try to maintain it to the best of my ability and respond quickly to new builds. I know of around 20 people across the globe who are using it for various VJ sets (and those are the ones I know of) and it's been a really successful and fun open source project for me.

If you'd like to find out more you can check out the github and watch the (rather old) introductory videos here:


Watch the explanation video

Watch the Post FX update explanation video

Luckily recently everything has been fairly straightforward but I'm starting to get feature requests coming in and some of the software (particularly the UI) is a little outdated as latest features of touchdesigner can improve efficiency for us there. I'd like to get a newer 2.0 version up and running before SimpleMixer hits 2 years old in March.

The emails I've been receiving haven't gone unheard and in fact there are some new features on the way and this is what I'm thinking...I'm making this public because I am always open to suggestions.

The Roadmap

- A rename, it's no longer going to be fact apparently it hasnt been for a long while now.

- A new UI system that makes use of Binding rather than the old reference and script back technique. There is a widgets version of SimpleMixer but changing pages drops frames therefore I'm opting to stick to my own lightweight UI (for now) You can still use widgets in custom Tox's

- Grid Launcher to replace the current 4 bank mixer. Post Effects will live within a second tier in the grid launcher and be drag and droppable so that their order of operations can be changed.

- Asset folder to be replaced with the Lister COMP with fancy drop downs and all that fun.

- Automation system and better movie controls (sorry for leaving that so long Tim). Auto VJ and auto go-to on end conditions for columns in the grid launcher. This will allow for state machine driven show content.

- The stoner will be replaced with a proper mapping tool. We want slices and point warping.


How to contribute

This is an open source project. Some people do contribute by doing pull requests and emailing me and I really do thank them for helping out and improving things. I'd love to get more LED and laser workflow into the software too (theres always GeoPix and Laser Juice for those right now).

I'll keep a dev blog here so people can follow a bit better whats going on. If there are any suggestions comments/feedback are always welcome.