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Scripta Volant II, the virtual spray can

Scripta Volant II is our Virtual Spray project made entirely with TouchDesigner and with hardware made in close collaboration with & Makers.      

See video and more pics at: AM Artist site


The system has just been presented at the 19th edition of the Cuncambiar Festival in San Sperate (CA) organized by the friends of Spazio Antas.

In a world where art is enjoyed through the screen of a computer or a mobile phone and is dispersed in the chaos of social media, we want to go against the tide and bring it back to the streets and squares.       

Inspired by the popular art of graffiti, we want to give meaning to the "here and now" by directly involving the people.        

Scripta Volant II (the new version of a previous project), in fact, is our virtual spray that allows anyone to color, paint, write or mess around on a wall, but everything happens within 3 minutes, after which the image vanishes.        

Knowing that your design is destined to disappear within a few minutes, frees you from the anxiety of having to do something permanent and widespread, giving back the pleasure of doing something ephemeral and without too many expectations.      

 Just hold our spray can and point it at the wall to move the colored cursor and press on the nozzle to paint.      

 Our "control bin" will allow you, by turning wheels and pressing buttons, to choose the color, enlarge or reduce the jet, sign the work, delete a wrong stroke and activate the special effects.


- simple and immediate control: the nozzle is directed by pointing the can directly at the wall and pressing the nozzle

        - the aim is highlighted by a cursor (a colored cloud) that moves following the movement of the can

        - dosing of the color through the pressure of the nozzle

        - control bin for additional functions:

            - wheel for choosing the color (displayed both through the cursor / cloud and through the colored light positioned on the bin)

            - wheel for adjusting the thickness of the jet

            - button to cancel the last step in case of error 

           - button for displaying the signature / stage name

            - button for activating special effects

            - LEDs indicating the correct aiming of the can