Savaş | Digital Art Charity

This artwork was created to raise funds for the treatment and further rehabilitation from addiction of an incredibly talented electronic artist Alex Savage.

You can buy it here: Eat Your Mind | Spekulant

Also you can support him on Patreon: PATREON | HELP SAVAGE



Check his latest performances:

Spekulant | Boiler Room x Ballantine's True Music

Prinx Hashime @ Strichka Festival Online


The generative digital art 'Savaş' shows how important is to fight. Especially in this strange time, try to find a gap through which you can reach the light.


With special thanks to whole TouchDesigner Community and The NODE Institute for inspiration by their last AV Performance "Transcontinental Whispers".


* All made in realtime via TouchDesigner

** Make sure you're watching in the highest quality