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ROBERT SEIDEL live performance ROJO NOVA at MIS Brazil

With a background in biology, artist and filmmaker Robert Seidel's visual and structured compositions depict an organic beauty and "their emotional perception" as Seidel describes "with visual and scientific technology".

Motion Painting: Robert Seidel |

Soundscape: Heiko Tippelt |

Most recently, Seidel employed TouchDesigner for the first time to produce "meander" a live performance or 'motion painting' with soundscape by Heiko Tippelt that premiered at the ROJO NOVA exhibition at the Museum of Image and Sound in São Paulo, Brazil. We will be speaking with the artist about the making and performance of this very emotive, LARGE and rather operatic composition but in the meantime here it is, with program notes below.

How does it feel to enter an ever-expanding system whose complexity exceeds the personal imagination? How to capture the fluctuating state of non-processed perception and continuously overwritten memories?

From a convolute of intertwining temporal and geographical impressions Seidel and Tippelt try to reconstruct these fractured perspectives into abstract tableaux of fibrous motion paintings, amalgamating with their cinematic soundscape…