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RML CineChamber and TouchDesigner

On February 1-6th at Transmediale in Berlin, Recombinant Media Lab (RML) will be presenting CineChamber, a remarkable immersive audiovisual set-up, and a program featuring specially commissioned compositions and live performances.

The chamber itself is an 8 x 12 metre space walled by 10 large screens featuring 8.8.2 multi-channel sound as well as custom-applied kinetic floor vibration units creating an immersive, self-contained mobile environment for audio-visual media works and performances.

How it works

The heart of CineChamber is TouchDesigner on one PC driving all 10 screens of CineChamber. Some content is generated within TouchDesigner as realtime 3D mixed with video playback, image effects and compositing. Other content is generated on other systems and is fed into two HD input cards and processed through TouchDesigner and applied to the 10 screens.

Naut Humon, the Artistic Director of RML has long-standing experience with sonic conduction and was also a jury-member and curator for the annual ARS Electronica Festival in Austria where he has helped to coordinate their Digital Music's category for 10 years. RML was founded by Humon in San Francisco in 1991 to "research, create, preserve and portray Spatial Immersive Synthesis: the science of projecting image, light and sound objects into 3 dimensional space."

Humon conceived of a certain style of surround envisioning "a full AV CineChamber that can be "played" or manipulated as an AV instrument urging artists to take their creative impulse into further ranges of aural, optical and cinematic expression." And they have, Pansonic, Ryoji Ikeda, Alva Noto, Matmos, Maryanne Amacher, Thomas Brinkmann, Pole, Kode 9, Chris Watson and many more have all performed in the CineChamber in the last decade.

Presently at the helm of the CineChamber team is Edwin van der Heide, the Director for International Operations of RML. As a renown interdisciplinary artist, researcher in the fields of sound, light, space and interactions, his approach with the audience as the center of the work is a central premise around RML's performance phenomenology.

CineChamber at CTM will feature new, specially commissioned compositions and live performances by Signal (Alva Noto, Olaf Bender, Frank Bretschneider), Monolake Live, Deadbeat & Lillevan and Edwin van der Heide.

The opening and closing of CineChamber at CTM will be the playing of "PlayThing" designed, composed and mixed from the hand of late & great Maryanne Amacher, (the surround audio Berlin premiere) preceded by some words from RML's directors Naut Humon and Edwin van der Heide.

Further live performances will be presented in the CineChamber Live Night on February 6 - more information on this soon.

From February 2 - 6, four blocks of "modules" will be shown in rotation day and night - these current listings will be subject to some minor change or last minute additions but the essential program will consist of:

Module 1

Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP)

Edwin van der Heide (NL)

Fred Szymanski (US)

Module 2

Signal (DE)

Morton Subotnick & Sue C (US)

Semiconductor (UK)

Masako Tanaka & Markus Popp (JP/DE)

Daniel Menche (US)

Module 3

Naut Humon (US)

Biosphere & Egbert Mittelstaedt (NO/DE)

Louis Dufort (CA/QC)

Monolake Live (DE/NL)

Module 4

Skoltz_Kolgen (CA/QC)

Lillevan & Fennesz (DE/AT)

Jochem Paap & Scott Pagano (NL/US)

Herman Kolgen (CA/QC)

Scott Arford (US)

Lillevan & Deadbeat (DE/CA)

*We will be updating this page as events unfold so watch this space!