Realtime James Abell Art Live Session 001 (TouchDesigner) " North Dome "

Hi there a few weeks ago I completed my first proper TouchDesigner project. Its part of a projection presentation I plan to use as a live event to go with my traditional framed art and sculptures for when I do my first solo art show.  Its all bases on a visual sci fi story I made into trading cards -

Influence include, futuristic desert movies, northern landscapes, nature, technology, Expo 67 and Buckminster Fuller.

I set up MIDI controls and used an Akai professional LPD8 midi in for controls. This allows me to react and improvise 3D and art in Realtime rather than pre render which I feels creates more spontaneity and reaction to new music tracks each time.

During the rest of the lockdown here in Scotland. I am now working on another environment or so, Im starting to use the Flex COMP as I want more particles in the next one. I have found TouchDesigner frustrating at times coming from a non programming background but little by little I found I broke through and I am glad as it opens up so many possibilities of control/improvisation etc then just using a game engine.

Thanks for cheking this out, James.