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Realize the world in the animation

Children who watch animation imagine themselves becoming friends with the main characters on the TV and working with them in their own world. All children experience this kind of imagination and it encourages them to focus their concentration. We tried to recreate a real version of the world that children imagine while watching animation.


Shinbi's Haunted House Media Adventure

‘Shinbi's Haunted House Media Adventure’ is a media adventure that is produced based on the original work of ‘Shinbi’s Haunted House’. As a horror fantasy animation, ‘Shinbi’s Haunted House’ is set in the Shinbi Apartment where ghost appears. In the story, the main characters relieve the resentment of ghosts and ascend them to heaven. We tried to reproduce the world of ‘Shinbi Haunted House’ as it is and provide the experience of meeting ghosts and ascending them to heaven as if children are just the main character in the animation.  



Media server

About 10 media servers, 30 projectors, 20 displays and over 20 speakers were used in ‘Shinbi’s Haunted House Media Adventure’ with the 1,100 square meters. All of these hardware devices can be controlled even by non-experts through a single integrated media server. 

We produced nod for protocol that can be used in ‘TouchDesinger’ in the part with 3 interaction and developed MCU board to connect to hardware. 


Projector simulation

After receiving space design floor plan, we conducted simulation using simulation program. 
Simulation for the location of projector installation and brightness for each section was conducted.


Free show

Floating hologram of ‘Shinbi’ and ‘Geumbi’, who are the main characters of ‘Shinbi’s Haunted House’ was created as the starting point of ‘Shinbi's Haunted House Media Adventure’. Main characters give an introduction and precautions about ‘Shinbi's Haunted House Media Adventure’ to audiences.

Background and images were layered one upon another to maximize three-dimensional effect of hologram. Real object, video background, green color background and shadow effect of characters were placed in layers to increase engagement.

Interactive device elements such as earthquake, flickering fluorescent lamp and opening and closing entrance using integrated control system of media server can be controlled in the free show.


Flashlight interaction

Interaction technology using wall projection mapping and flashlight were applied in this section. The flashlight was modified to a flashlight that illuminates infrared rays and interaction technology that makes the image changed only in the section was performed by tracking it with infrared ray camera in real time when illuminating the wall.

Hologram passage

Hologram film was used to create optical illusion in which a person passing the passage looks like entering the portal by reflecting the projection surface of projector.



Three projects were used to make projection mapping for sculptures and walls in the section of Immogi. Interaction in which Immogi gets angry when audiences approach was created. This interaction recognizes a person by infrared ray camera.


Duoxini Zone

It is a content that defeats ‘Duoxini’, a final boss. Five-sided projection mapping was created with 6 projectors on the floor and the wall respectively.


Shinbi's Haunted House Media Adventure

Seongsu-dong 1-ga, Seoul, Korea, Galleria Foret




Creative Director _ Choung Haewoon

Producer _ Lee Hyunseon

Project manager _ Yim Sungkyun, Kim Hanseok, Kim Suji

Art Director _ Bae Jaemyeon

CG Artist _ Choi Jongyun, Kim Daeik, Lee Suyeon, Ahn Sojeong

Graphic Designer _ Jeong In, Lee Sohyun, Ahn Yeseulri

3D Modeller _ Choung Jiyoon

Space Director _ Jung Youngchul

Space Designer _ Kim Eunyoung

Technical Designer _ Kim Juyoung, Son Jounghwan, Kim Yuhwa, Kim Nuri