Pesona Lidah Kulon

Last March Greedy Dust created a series of showcases in 3 cities in 3 activation formats: Gigs(Semarang, Jogjakarta, & Surabaya), exhibition (Photography, zine, & cassette), & experimental performancetogether with 8 visual groups from East Java, Indonesian.

Greedy Dust's visual updates don't just stop at logograms (Shuriken) and
their logotype created by Tiny Studio, further than that Greedy Dust explores
the idea/subculture of Hardcore Punk to a further form.
After releasing a custom bike with Kevindra Arsalan & Trash Smith, Greedy Dust invited 8
visual group from East Java to create an experimental performance (Pesona Lidah
Kulon) and 4 other groups to create a zine, cassette, & photography exhibition (Show No Mercy) that
both were held in Surabaya.





The experimental performance was titled Pesona Lidah Kulon, which was taken from the title of the EP TamaT
which will be released Greedy Dust May medatang. Greedy Dust involves 8 other visual groups in
this performance by maximizing each other's mediums that the collaborators are engaged in.
Briefly, this performance is 20 minutes long, accompanied by music from TamaT and several parts are filled
vocal gang by Hardcore beatdown band from Malang Keep It Real. Overall
the stage was done by Bajra who created the main stage in the visual style of Post-Apocalypse
uses the main frame of the pick-up car as well as various used items and is equipped with video mapping
by FATV. The show opens with a motorbike released by Greedy Dust with a dismantling
an exhaust that is then connected to the Bajra installation.



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