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Patrik Lechner's qua4

Patrick Lechner's qua4

The latest real-time generative audio-visual composition from Patrik Lechner qua4 premiered in Vienna at the Velak Gala earlier this month. qua4 consists of a sequence of recorded realtime TouchDesigner works, edited in TouchDesigner with more realtime "stuff" added over top. The remarkable audio tracks are also realtime improvisations cut together.

Earlier this year we published an article on the Derivative blog: Patrik Lechner's Relentlessly Non-linear, Fully Generated Universe, where Patrik details his processes, influences and methodology. A facinating and recommended read, and here are a couple of extracts that speak to the above:

Attributing a central principle based on iteration and improvisation to his work Patrik expresses a strong aversion to linear editing tools (which for him places what is lively in an aesthetic in danger of being deadened). He goes on to describe a very dynamic practice that requires (a) first building modular tools to create the work - without getting indefinitely lost in tool-building and (b) producing work that is as unrehearsed as possible, procedurally.

Patrik says: I'm very interested in building my own tools for what I do, because I hate working with things that I don't understand to some extent, and I can't live without modularity and the possibility of adding whatever features I need. Also I have a deep and emotional reluctance to working with linear editing tools, be it in audio or video. I simply believe in a certain liveliness in aesthetics that is in danger of being killed (at least for me) if things repeat without alternation - it becomes so static.

So iteration and improvisation became a central principle for me in doing music, and I'm sure that in my visual work it also has a big influence. Music and video production are kind of the same thing for me, it's just mapping of data in a way that feels appealing, controlling this data in realtime and exploring ways of generating mappings and data that is "meaningful".